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A Break-feast for Breakfast - Eating Healthy Nutritious Food

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:10pm
For some reason, I've always thought it is so cool how when you actually break down a compound word, it gives you an idea of what the word really means...

Like the word
breakfast . It's a compound word made up of 2 words - Break and Fast.

When we eat in the morning, we are "breaking a fast". We've been sleeping, letting our bodies rejuvenate and therefore, it's extremely important how we tr eat our bodies upon arising.

The first things we put in will certainly be quickly absorbed and enter our bloodstreams fast because the body is in "ready to receive" mode after fasting.

This is one reason why eating or drinking sugars (this includes natural sugars as well) first thing in the morning leaves us feeling tired not long after consuming them. The sugar races thru us causing spikes in
blood sugar levels , thus great plummets in blood sugar levels right after.

Fresh fruit has naturally occurring fructose, but because it has to be chewed and digested differently due to the fiber in it, the fruit won't cause the same reactions to our energy levels.

Fresh fruit in the morning gives sustained energy.

Lots of folks don't want to actually eat in the morning. Many busy, working people prefer to have a convenient way to get something
nutritious in their stomachs first thing. For them, I always suggest THE FEAST ( ) whole-food based juice powder to mix in water and get going. This gives the nutritional equivalent of 4 servings of fresh fruits...AND VEGETABLES! It's a combination of 70+ varieties of fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and sprouts. It's flavored with the dried juice of berries contained in it and slightly sweetened with Stevia (an herb sweetener causing NO changes in blood sugar at all).

Then, you can wait a bit and eat other things that you might like for breakfast...but be aware, after drinking this you may find that you don't crave certain unhealthy foods, but actually begin to make different choices. You'll be
eating healthy nutritious food more because you're body will respond by asking for it.

Even if you like a BIG BREAKFAST of the traditional sort with eggs, meat, and toast...starting first with
THE FEAST is wise because you'll give your body real fuel to use right off instead of just cooked proteins and carbs that are harder to digest and use.

THE FEAST SUPERCHARGED is the same as THE FEAST but has added green tea, green coffee bean, and energizing herbs. This is a caffeinated version and perfect for drinking in the morning...or anytime you need energy + nutrients.

Consider what you're starting with each day. Morning is the best time to make a huge difference in your health and nutrition.


Blessings to you!

Merry K.

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