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A Bounty of Apples, a Bounty of Antioxidants

Posted by Heather J.

I eat a lot of fruit, especially apples, and keep my refrigerator well stocked with a wide variety of the crunchy red and/or green fruit. While all apples are high in Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, and relatively low in sugar and calories (about 80 for a medium sized apple), each type offers different anti-oxidant benefits. Granny Smiths are loaded with the flavanoid proanthocyanidins, which fortifies collagen and elastin in the skin (the stuff that keeps your skin smooth); jonagolds have the highest content of quercetin, an antioxidant found to keep brain cells healthy; and fujis are the best choice for lowering LDL cholesterol. But the best of all, according to Canadian researchers, is the ubiquitous red delicious, which contains more antioxidants than seven other apple varieties. The Mecca for healthy eaters on a budget, Trader Joe's, sells organic granny smith, fuji, gala, and braeburn apples for only 69 cents each-stock up!
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One of my favorite snacks is apples with orgainc peanut butter. It doesn't get much better.
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