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A Booty Kickin’ Vinyasa

Posted Jun 02 2009 12:58pm

Holy yoga batman.

That’s all I can say right now because, well I thought I was in pretty good yogi shape but clearly all my limbs are still shaking like raspberry jelly after practicing Dave Farmar’s latest 75 minute yoga podcast (available for FREE on itunes!). Seriously, it was the hardest yoga class I’ve taken since I don’t know when and I’m already sore from it! Even lifting my water bottle to my lips right now requires effort. Normal? Well let’s see—the class involved numerous (and I mean numerous ) dolphin poses, forearm stands, warrior threes, headstands, forearm planks, vasistasanas, forearm vasistasanas, side balances , and did I mention dolphin poses? Note that this class is NOT for a beginning student. I’ve been practicing for eight years and cannot move. However, I was pretty proud of myself for doing my first ever tripod headstand and for being able to stay up in forearm stand for a few breathes each time. I didn’t stick around for the final pigeon or savasana…..enough was enough! Can someone please do this podcast and report back to tell me if it really was the hardest class ever or if I’m just a mere wimp?! Please? Its free!

I immediately TORE into a little snackie poo because I deserved it!


Then, after shower + getting ready, it was time for lunch! My lunch was certainly not the most photogenic meal in the entire world but it quite possibly could have been the tastiest one. May I present leftover spinach olive lasagna and sliced pears!



All together, sans placemat because I’m classy like that:


There may or may not have been a nice sized bit of organic dark chocolate for dessert ;)

I have my hands full all afternoon and then have my orthotics casting appointment at 3:50. Tonight Ryan and I are cooking his grandmother dinner! We are grilling the grouper that Ryan shot (he spearfishes) when I was in Charleston this past weekend and we are also having cuban rice and beans… favorite!

Have a lovely afternoon!

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