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90 Mineral Wheatgrass Juice

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:15pm

I received some good feedback from mylast article on growing wheatgrass,as well as a few questions.

One of the questions is from Bill in Washington, who writes

Where did you get the 92 mineral fact from? Some people like myself have taken science classes and learned that minerals are metalic ions like iron Fe or Calcium. There are only 92 natural occurring elements and oxygen and hydrogen (the components of water) and uranium (radioactive) are not minerals.

~ Bill

Thanks for your question Bill. This info comes from the folks atOcean Grown.I checked with them and I have a little info.

The Ocean Grown company did some research and found that every mineral is found in the ocean in a perfect balance. The minerals in ocean water can be concentrated into ’sea solids’, and the sea solids can be used to fertilize crops, gardens, fruit and nut trees, sprouts, and wheatgrass. A list of the 90+ elements is on theOceanGrown website.

There is some confusion about Elements vs. Minerals. I asked John Hartman from OceanGrown about this.

John said that there is a difference between the 90 elements listed on the periodic table, and minerals.

John said that there is a difference between the 90 elements listed on the periodic table, and minerals.

When Ocean Grown talks about the 90 “elements”, they are using that in a sense of the table of elements. They are using that in the chemical sense, but people use the word interchangeably with “mineral elements”.

Most people don’t really know what “elements” are, so they call them “minerals” instead.

This is a confusing subject, so I asked John Hartman to join me on a teleseminar interview. Stay tuned for an annoucement!

The OceanGrown tests found that the grasses, including barley grass and wheat grass, will contain 90 elements, but only if the elements are present in the soil.

There is a research paper on the ocean grown website that says they tested ocean grown wheatgrass for 60 minerals, and it has all 60 minerals in it. They only tested for 60 because the tests are very expensive, and it would have cost thousands of dollars to test for all 90 elements.

What they did is test for the 60 elements that are not commonly found in plants. There are 30 mineral elements that are known to exist in most plants and wheatgrass, such as calcium and magnesium. They did not test for these common elements because they already know they are present.

They did another test with tomatoes and found that the average tomato has less than 18 minerals in it. This is because the soil does not have all the minerals. Next, they fertilized the soil with the OceanGrown sea solids and grew the tomatoes in them. They found that these tomatoes had 56 minerals in them!

A great introduction into this subject is by Dr. Maynard Murray, M.D. wrote an amazing book titled “Sea Energy Agriculture”

Click Here for a good MP3 audio interview with Gino, who works at Ocean Grown

The first part of the interview is with Steve “The Sproutman” Meyerwitz, the second part of the interview is with Gino from OceanGrown.

(This audio is from Dorit’s raw food radio show I Am Healthy-


I am learning about getting into wheatgrass juicing. Which wheatgrass juicer would you recommend for me?

My favorites are theLexen manual wheatgrass juicer,and theTribest Z-Star wheatgrass juicer.They are easy to use and clean, and the pulp is dry.


Do you know of any companies selling the ocean grown wheatgrass?

Yes, I know of one company selling this. The website is website introduction says “we grow and distribute the worlds finest, most nutritious food for people who wish to effect positive change and unfoldment in their lives.”

Basically, they grow the wheatgrass with the Ocean Grown sea solution. They juice it, and then bottle it fresh and unpasteurized. It has around a twelve day shelf-life.

The ocean grown wheatgrass is also available at many of the raw food health retreats, including theAngel’s Health Food Institutein Oregon.

Click Here for the Ocean Grown website

I have a couple articles on my site providing an introduction to Sea Energy Agriculture:

Trace Elements in Nature’s Balance-An introduction into Sea Water Agriculture by Maynard Murry

Remineralize Soil for Optimum Elemental Balance, using mineral “sea solids” to fertilize crops.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Mike Snyder

Portland, OR

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