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9 months to gain, 9 months to lose

Posted Mar 03 2011 12:00am
Dear new readers, my name is Ashley, I started this blog- got busy & gave it to my sister Court, and to all the old readers, I miss you and I am coming back! I will be posting every Monday, can't wait to touch base with you all again, I have missed you!
And now just wanted to pop in and mention something exciting...
And today is my baby's 9 month old day, wow- convenient?The old saying is true I suppose,"It takes 9 months to gain, and at least that long to lose."I wish it was quick, or easy- but it was an uphill battle this time. With my first baby it seemed much easier & quicker. Not the second time around, I think my 27 year old metabolism and I are going to be butting heads for years to come. . . Anyways here are the pics, as promised ;)The after pics are actually a few weeks & 8 pounds ago, but they are the most recent full body shots I have minus this gem , but check out the progress.
 When I look at these pictures, I cringe looking at the 2 months post baby one. Cause I am fat, and can't use the pregnancy excuse at that point- I still had a long 6 months to go- but I feel so accomplished, healthy, and strong. NOW.
How did I lose 45 pounds?I followed our 7 Rules We Live By religiously.Participated in this 8 Week Challenge and ended with a week long Cleanse I will blog about Next Monday. and I am training 3x a week for a marathon. Running kicks your bum into shape I tell ya!

Finally, I have decided to let you all read my personal blog, I tried to keep the 2 separate for a while but some of you sneaky readers found your way there anyways ;) I do miss networking with all of you, who I considered blog friends- so IF you are interested in my personal blog, please hop over and become a follower.It wont be all about Dieting (Cause believe it or not I have other hobbies, interests and priorities) I call it a bloglomerate ;) Basically its a little bit of everything: kids, husband, life, fashion, traditions, home decor, the places we go parties we throw, people who are special to us, lots of random thoughts, funny stories and of course healthy living posts as well ;)
So, if you are interested, Click HERE and become a follower. Leave a note letting me know you stopped by! Hope to see you there! Until then, I will see you on A Daily Dose of Dieting next Monday!

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