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“Man Food”, “Woman Food”: A Very Profitable Food Industry Scam

Posted Apr 29 2011 10:02pm

When it comes to marketing food, sex sells.  I’m not even referring to taut, minimally clothed bodies or seductive commercials, simply to the two biological sexes (the gender and sexuality studies major in me could go on a lengthy tangent challenging that statement, but that’s a whole other post for a whole other blog).

Back to the topic at hand.  Food companies love what I refer to as “gendered foods”; that is, products that perpetuate the classic “this is boys, this is for girls” dichotomy that was recently a hot topic following the publication of a J. Crew ad in which a mother painted her son’s toenails pink .

Despite their proclamations of “addressing a particular concern” to a particular segment of the population, these gendered products are, in all actuality, “unisex” ones backed with highly gendered marketing campaigns.  In a 2009 post, I briefly touched upon “his” and “hers” vitamins .  This time around, let’s examine three of the bigger gendered food players.

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