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“Lively Up Yourself”….and your morning coffee, with healing herbs, spices, and extracts

Posted Apr 13 2013 12:19am

I'm not a super big coffee drinker, on most days at work I drink my Maca Coffee , which is much better than java to me.

I do still love regular coffee on some days however, especially on those "lazy Sundays" where the world slows down, and I actually have an hour or two to live in the moment. Something about that aroma.

Whatever my breakfast drink of choice is for a given day, I find that adding my favorite herbs, spices, and liquid extracts to that cup of "hot stuff", it gives me an amazing "vibration", a very smooth energy burst, a pleasantly eerie and very subtle great feeling.

My Maca Coffee Recipe , made with ground roast maca powder and Tazo Apple Tea, already factors in the added potency of my spices so it is never too strong, always "super smooth".

However, on the days I drink coffee, I like to "water down" the coffee a little, since the spices and extracts will add more kick to the coffee flavor, I like to keep it smooth and in that mellow zone.

Although it may seem like a lot of work and drama, it's actually the opposite, in that I premix all my dry ingredients into one spice shaker, and simply shake it into my morning drink. Here are my ingredients:

Dry Ingredients

Raw Cacao Powder (this is about half of my mix)

Ceylon Cinnamon (about 1/4 of my formula) Ceylon Cinnamon is light brown in color and a smoother more mellow taste that the common rust colored Cassia Cinnamon. Ceylon is the true cinnamon whose essential oils have the authentic health and healing properties.

Powdered Organic Turmeric,
Powdered Organic Ginger,
Powdered Organic Nutmeg
(One is not limited to these spices of course, but I like the taste of these together, and I like the health and healing profiles of these spices,  EXPERIMENT!!!!)

Wet Ingredients

A few drops of Simply Organic Vanilla Extract,  Simply Organic Almond Extract. Simply Organic has other extracts like Lemon, Orange, I like to experiment

Native Forest Coconut Milk (I try to avoid dairy on a daily basis. I like Native Forest because thay have non-BPA lined cans.

Organic Wild Raw Honey is my sweetener of choice these days. Read here about fake honey

I find my breakfast coffee to be somewhat addictive. But in all that I have learned about health and wellness, I now know that this is merely these healing spices and extract speaking to my body chemistry.

The aroma and taste sending are signals to the brain that I made a good choice to "Lively Up Myself" on this unique and special morning.

~stay healthy~


Yawl know how I sling it on my blog by now, any excuse to post one of my favorite songs.

This is "Lively Up Yourself", by the one and only Bob Marley, the cut that came to my head when I was writing this article.

Take a listen if you want, otherwise, thanks for stopping by




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