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“Flip the Script” on Popcorn (from one of the worst snacks to a delicious treat)

Posted Dec 20 2011 10:34pm

When I first started my eating 'Revolution' back in 2005. Popcorn was the first thing I stopped eating. Genetically modified corn, margarine (a.k.a. 'yellow plastic'), toxic table salt, who knows what artificial ingredients at the movie theater, my Cinema treat was gone forever. Or so I thought…………..

However, by longtime friend,  Harry, a fellow nutritional revolutionary, mentioned he and his family enjoy popcorn all the time. When he told me his healthy ingredients, and bragged about the taste (as he always does), I thought that the time had come to 'Flip the Script' and bring back popcorn, bigger, badder, healthier, and tastier.


When I get to talking and writing about my worst of all possible foods you can put into your body, one if the top ten would be your standard corn. Corn, along with soy and Canola are the most genetically modified foods in all of the US. Corn has spread like the Communist octopus to infiltrate sweeteners, masquerading as High Fructose Corn Syryp, and it resides in almost everything. Chickens are fed with it, so are cattle  (sigh….). We consume too much corn in this society and most of it is "bad corn". I stay away from corn like the plague. However, most foods, if you can find the organic version, is always a better way to go. Fortunately, there has been an upsurge in non-Genetically modified crops, including corn, coming on the market in recent years. Primarily due to the progressively higher demand for higher quality grains, grown the way that they used to be grown.

When it comes to butter, my opinion might be a little different than people think, because although I am toning down my intake of dairy, I think organic butter is not a bad choice. Butter has been eaten since man has domesticated cattle, and it is totally processable by the body. I just make sure that it organic. However, margarine is a totally different issue. It should be avoided like the plague because it is basically an artificial food (that obviously has not been eaten since the dawn of mankind).

As I will be covering in subsequent articles Coconut Oil is one of the best oils out there on the market and has a myriad of health benefits. One of the unknown gifts of nutrition, as well as flavor, is Pink Himalayan Salt. It is a totally different animal from regular table salt. As a matter of fact people who have been told they have salt issues and should avoid it, should consider Himalayan Salt. Table salt is not salt as it used to be, everything has been processed out, the remaining portion is about 97% sodium. Himalayan salt has all 84 minerals in perfect balance, and really assists in the mineral balances and ph balance in the body. Not to mention that it has this sweet-salty taste that is to die for. Sea Salt is also a decent option, but Himalayan Salt is my preferred recommendation.

Himalayan Salt, the secret ingredient to almost anything

I have a salt grinder, similar to a pepper grinder that grinds the salt pebbles to a fine powder, it's just something about that prohibits me from going back to the age old salt shaker. Himalayan Salt can also be purchased in the traditional "fine powder" like regular salt if necessary. Trader Joe's has the salt grinder filled with Pink Himalayan salt for less than $2, a very good deal.

Anyhoo, the entire list of ingredients of traditional popcorn are terrible for health and nutritional value, but fourtunately, they all can be replaced with higher quality ingredients. And as always, the taste will blow you away. So when you make this 'popcorn version 2.0' as I call it, pop in your DVD, sit down to relax in front of the big screen at home, knowing that big, piping hot bowl of buttery popcorn is truly healthy, that's one more thing that helps you relax……..~dw~

To ''Flip the Script'' on Popcorn:

Eliminate: Conventional Popcorn Kernels (Genetically Modified, provokes the storing of bodyfat)

Canola Oil(toxic oil, poision in my opinion, molecular structure breaks down in heat, causes a range of issues such insomnia, dry skin, flatulence, and many others reported) ,

Wesson or Other Standard Oils(genetically modified, toxic, molecular structure changes in heat),

table salt(97% sodium, heated to 1500 degrees, toxic, minerals not in balance),

Conventional Butter and Margerine(margarine stores as bodyfat, butter normally from chemical laden cattle feed)


Replace With: Organic Popcorn (Non-GMO, totally processable by the digestive system)

Himalayan Salt(contains all 84 natural elements in balance, many other health benefits)

Real Organic Butter(The body is designed to process real butter in moderation, AVOID MARGARINE TOTALLY!!)

Organic Coconut Oil(heart healthy, helps lose weight, great tasting[doesn't taste like coconuts])


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