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8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Over the Counter Allergy Drugs

Posted Oct 19 2013 10:03pm 1 Comment

medicin Do you use over the counter allergy drugs? If so, you really need to stop taking them. As a society we are told via ads, the doctor’s office and other mediums that taking an allergy drug no matter what brand, is the best way to get rid of our seasonal allergies and hay fever. The commercials feature happy people dancing and playing in beds of flowers and plants without a single sneeze, or runny nose. Yet, what you don’t realize about over the counter allergy drugs can cause serious harm to you over the long term. 

1. Over the counter allergy drugs are not as safe as you have been lead to believe. By just spending a few minutes looking at the package inserts and reading the possible side effects, you can get a good idea as to some of the potential problems. I took over the counter allergy drugs every day for 20 years and I’m still suffering from some of these side effects even though I haven’t touched one in nearly 3 years now. Some of the common side effects include back pain, headaches, stomachaches, and fatigue. While you might not experience these symptoms every day and you may be able to take these drugs every day for a few years the long term problems are just not worth it.

2. There are plenty of natural alternatives for managing your allergies. Some of the best ones include local honey, essential oils, bee pollen supplement (yes I know it seems contradictory but it works for some people), and various herbs such as turmeric and cumin.

3. Most of the natural alternatives for managing allergies work better than over the counter allergy drugs for many people. I know they sure do for me. I would never go back to taking the drugs even if they didn’t have any side effects.

4. You will save money. If you’ve ever looked at the price of most over the counter allergy drugs you will know that they aren’t cheap. Some natural allergy alternatives might cost a bit more up front but the cost per serving is usually a lot less.

5. Over the counter allergy drugs just block the histamine that causes your allergies they have no healing properties whereas most of the natural allergy solutions offer some kind of healing and therapeutic benefit to your body. 

6. It can be hard to figure out if or when you are overdosing on over the counter allergy drugs. While they all tell you how much to take, it can be way to easy to decide that you aren’t getting the kind of relief you want or need and then to proceed to take even more and this can be dangerous whereas with natural allergy remedies you really can’t overdose.

7. Over the counter allergy drugs can increase your risk of candida-a yeast overgrowth that is the underlying cause of a lot of illnesses and auto-immune diseases whereas natural allergy remedies don’t cause candida and in some cases can even help you heal from it.

8. While many side effects of allergy drugs are known as we keep learning about other drugs it is possible that there are other side effects that are unknown and the risk is simply not worth it.

Do you need or want more help in managing your allergies without taking a pill? Click on my wordpress blog link below to read even more helpful posts.


About AnnaLaura Brown ( 3 Posts )

AnnaLaura Brown is a health coach who helps people manage and control their health using essential oils and other natural forms of medicine instead of drugs. She specializes in allergies, asthma and autism and has personally struggled with all three of these and strives to help others realize that you don't have to use drugs for these and you can live a happy and productive life despite health challenges.

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Good guiding post for many to understand the side effect of using anti allergie drugs. Since many uses it as a best remedy to overcome sneezing or coughing tendency but with time it doesn't help anyone to get some relief out of allergie rather it aggravates & many a times it has been found that most of the people gets either addicted to these anti allergie drugs or finds themselves helpless from getting rid of its side effects.
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