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8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes Real Sizes Specifically Designed for People Who Want to Lose 30 Pounds or More

Posted Sep 24 2010 6:11am

8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes Real Sizes Specifically Designed for People Who Want to Lose 30 Pounds or More

If you have 30-plus pounds to lose, Jorge Cruise–fitness trainer to millions via his Web site, media appearances, and best-selling 8 Minutes in the Morning–promises success with this 28-day program. First, stop sabotaging yourself: (1) “Accept yourself whatever your size” and (2) “Eliminate emotional eating by healing your hungry heart.” Aim for a healthy, realistic weight. “Some people are at their best and healthiest weight at size 12, 16, or 24,” he writes. Cruise describes how to stop using food to numb pain–instead, seek out nurturing friendships to overcome emotional eating. He echoes the “8 minute” theme of his first book, emphasizing emotional success as well as exercising and eating right. His system of “Cruise Moves”–an easy, 8-minute, muscle-strengthening program–is less vigorous than in his earlier book and is easier on knees and backs, and it requires no equipment. The “Cruise Down Plate” eating plan is a simple way to eat proper portions of nutritious foods without counting calories or eliminating favorites. This motivational, practical book looks slick–full-color on glossy paper–and is a workbook for getting started. Cruise’s style is chatty and personal, with anecdotes and photos of people who lost 30 to 75 pounds and are happy with their bodies. Recommended for people willing to change their attitudes as well as their weight. –Joan Price

4 Stars Jorge is great
I think this is a great book, my only complaint is that I find it very odd that Jorge has a picture of himself on nearly every page. Does he think we will forget what he looks like in a minute or 2? Just funny to me. Otherwise, there are some great ideas on food and exercise for those starting out. We have a group that is working on this together, so we bought several books used. Very convenient!

2 Stars Watch out if you have other Jorge’s books
This book and Jorge’s 8 “Minutes in the Morning for Extra-Easy Weight Loss” are almost word-for-word the same book! Not real impressive that an author would do this, not to mention a publisher (Harper Collins). I already had the “8 Minute” book and thought this would be a great addition. I was very dissapointed…

5 Stars 8 Minute Exercises
I have purchased a lot of exercise books in the past and I usually think that I might read them. This one is different. I really do look at it every day. It’s great for people who are not used to lifting weights or exercising. The exercises really do only take 8 minutes and you don’t need any fancy gym equipment.

5 Stars “I Can DO This and so CAN YOU!!”
This is the most doable and sensible program for anyone who wants to loose more than 30 LBS.!!!! Good Luck get going now!!! Great pictures great program. Inspiring read also because it gets to the issues with out getting stuck in them and deals with them to get the job done………

4 Stars real shapes real sizes
I think this book had a lot of good information in it but I wish that it had more examples of food menues.

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