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8,164 Calories Worth of Pork!

Posted Mar 26 2009 12:00am

This recipe brings a whole new meaning to “playing with your food.”

What do you make with 2 pounds of bacon, 2 pounds of italian sausage, and a bottle of bbq sauce?

Bacon Explosion

And no, I’m totally not kidding.

The guys over at BBQ Addicts concocted this monstrous piece of meat and created quite a media frenzy over it. Apparently, they’re even getting a six-figure book deal out of the thing!

Call me crazy…but does that look like a heart attack pill to any of you? Just a thought.

So what would this thing cost you calorie-wise? Well, I’ve broken down the ingredients using the fabulous recipe analyzer over at NutritionData, and found that the whole roll comes to a grand total of…(drum roll please)…

8,164 Calories!

Ah! And that’s just an estimation! One serving alone probably makes up your whole recommended daily calorie intake!

But hey, if you like bacon, go for it! I mean, making that thing does look like a good time. If any of you do decide to brave the Bacon Explosion, send me your pics! I’d love to see all of your recipes in action.

Happy Snacking,

HB Snack Girl

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