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70% Fat Weight Loss Experiment – Day 6

Posted Aug 11 2013 7:23am

[The original post on this topic stated what I am planning to do: 70% fat and that's it. Today, turmoil somehow pulls out a win of sorts.]

Day 6, Friday, August 9, 2013 – 206.6

I deserve every ounce I put on. It should have been more.

Actually, the intriguing thing is how many total calories I took in – and yet the weight gain was so slight. Again, at least to me, it seems that fat – at least some fats – seem somewhat protective when overeating. Of course, if you think I am heading for a heart attack by eating nearly a stick of butter yesterday, then my weight is irrelevant – but I *have* been eating more or less like this for nearly 10 years. September will be my 10th Anniversary on low carb.

The morning was a trip to the dentist who fixed four small cavities in four different areas, meaning that I had so much novacaine that I could barely talk. Talking was not my primary problem when I got to work – drinking my allotment of coffee was. I had to take care that it did not spill out the side of my mouth and not only scald me, but even worse, leave me with an embarrassing coffee stain on my clothes for the remainder of the day.

I switched to decaf for the subsequent half pot and plunged into work until maybe 3pm when I went for my roast beef and butter ‘sandwich’ as described in yesterday’s post. This is a much more civilized approach to this combination. I feel somewhat normal – almost to the point I would not be uncomfortable eating it in front of a friend.

I said ‘almost’.

At home family matters kept me from eating as well as eating to plan and I ended up eating one of a Trader Joe’s frozen pizzas, gussied up and called a ‘tarte’ as it had cheese but no tomato. Nutrition count for this thing alone: 560 calories, 52 grams of carbs, 28 grams of fat, 27 grams of protein.

The total tally, while low in calories, wasn’t bad:


Fat: 69g (69%)
Net carbs: 52g
Protein: 37g

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