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70% Fat Weight Loss Experiment – Day 5

Posted Aug 10 2013 5:29am

[The original post on this topic stated what I am planning to do: 70% fat and that's much it. Am Today I stumble at the end.]

Day 5, Thursday, August 8, 2013 – 205.6

15.7 pounds from my goal. Blood glucose is better – 106.

205 is a special number for me because it means I can wear size 36 pants, which is my target weight. The caveat here is that I’m wearing polo shirts that aren’t tucked in for the summer – if I had t-shirts and shirts both tucked in for the coming winter, it would be way too snug to be comfortable. That’s why I am in my target pant size but still 15 pounds from my target weight.

I put on the new pair of pants and they just fit. It felt good – and certainly should be motivation to continue.

It’s curious though at just the sort of half-assed diet this has been so far and yet weight is coming off – isn’t it? Don’t be too impressed just yet, though – it’s the weight to come – all those numbers below 205 – and especially those 190s and the long-elusive 180s that will prove the real nemesis.

So far I’ve just been easing into this. I haven’t even been trying.

And possibly: is that is a better way to start a diet – easing into it rather than plunging headlong into some regimented prison-camp diet that makes you miserable from the get-go? I don’t know about you but I like to avoid being miserable as much as possible. The world sometimes seems designed to want me that way – why should I assist it? This sort of grim diet also tends to make successful dieters self-righteous and insufferable – and there are more than enough people already in the world that fit that bill. Maybe diets shouldn’t manufacture more.

I know you don’t care about my blather: ‘what did you eat? Were you hungry?’

OK, I had my caffeinated coffee allotment in the AM, then had decaf with the last of my heavy cream in work through the afternoon – maybe 4 tablespoons. I was not hungry until after 5pm when I had 3 ounces of roast beef and 3 tablespoons of butter. I finally figured out how to eat this in a way that does not seem completely animalistic.

1. Take your 3 ounces of roast beef and lie flat.
2. Cut off 3 tablespoons of butter from the stick as a single blockand lay the butter on the roast beef more or less centered.
3. Fold the roast beef over the butter once
4. Slip into plastic sandwich bag
5. Lean on the outside of the sandwich bag with your palm and press until the butter flattens between the slices of roast beef.

Now you’ve got a roast beef and butter ‘sandwich of sorts and you can peel the bag back and essentially eat it out of the sandwich bag, keeping your fingers clean and looking less like some horrific animal. I was eating this walking down the hall in my office when a coworker spied me from a distance and asked: “Are you eating a donut?”

“You don’t wanna know what I’’m eating.” I told him. “I have peculiar eating habits.”

At home, however, the gloves were off. I was good for 90% of the evening, but when cleaning the kitchen I found myself hoovering up leftovers and tidbits. 5 mini meat balls left over from the kid’s pasta, 3 pieces of bread slathered in perhaps 3/4 STICK of butter. Some leftover fried potatoes.

And Lindt chocolate. And no – not the low carb kind – the high-carb kind. Maybe a half-dozen. It went well with the cup o whole milk.

Ugh. Total fail – in almost the last few seconds,

 Calories: 3,260
Fat: 241g (67%)
Net Carbs: 134g
Protein: 129g

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