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7 colors of fruit help you to lose weight healthily from Monday to Sunday

Posted May 07 2010 11:31pm
  Monday:Papaya-----yellow fruit Monday,we begin one day’s working with a passion, I must be vigorous! Tonight, I will not hard on myself. Today is a busy day, don’t have time to add nutrition, just make a cup of “orange feeling”! Weight loss theory: Papaya contains papain enzyme, these papaya enzymes not only biodegradable protein, carbohydrate, fat and more can be decomposed by decomposition of fat can remove fat Tuesday:Blueberry-----blue fruit A large number of super rich blueberry fruit commonly known as OPC's antioxidant anthocyanin, by foreign experts, called the "king of anti-oxidation" it is one fruit to protect the eyes. In addition to containing regular sugar, acid, vitamin C, mineral elements, the blueberry fruit also contains niacin, SOD, flavonoids and other special ingredients, with good anti-brain aging, cardiac, cancer and other health effects Weight loss theory: low calories, rich in acid, it is said to reduce the lower body very helpful. Wednesday:green apple----cyan-blue fruit Apple is one of the four fruits in the world. In the foreign has a proverb” have an apple after each meal, the doctor will run away from me”. It has the effective to disease control. Eating apple can reduce the blood cholesterol of the body, can forbid to become the gallstones, it has a certain role of adjuvant therapy on blood pressure. Apple also regulates bowel movements and has the dual role of constipation and diarrhea Weight loss theory: Rich in pectin and dietary fiber and low fat content, but nutrition is very comprehensive, and it is often used as a meal replacement weight loss food. Thursday:kiwi---green fruit Kiwi is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other minerals, and rich in vitamins. Protein with 1.6 grams for the hectogram pulp is rich in nutrition, water content of large, low-calorie fruit production. Also called "VC Fruit King". Weight loss theory: Low in calories, low sugar, low in fat and rich in fiber content of foods. Chinese medicine thinks that is assisted treatment of obesity in the fruit, which benefit the water, phlegm, lung, spleen and stomach. To the middle of the week, should give a little to increase the oil, add more comprehensive nutrition. Kiwi is rich nutritious, so it is a good choice. Deep green, keep it both seductive heart. Friday : tomato----red fruit Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, E, B group vitamins, carotene, iron and calcium and about 15 kinds of minerals. Vitamin B group can promote the metabolism of body fat, vitamin C content is 10 times than watermelon, and medium-sized tomatoes can add a day’ vitamin C needs of adults. Weight loss theory: Tomatoes are rich in pectin fiber, makes sense of satiety. Help to eliminate constipation and promote metabolism, have the better effect to lose weight in that way. And it also can supple the vitamins and minerals which is the human body lack Saturday:grape----purple fruit Grapes are rich in glucose, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, niacin and vitamin B1, B2, C and other vitamins and minerals. Supplementary material can be contained in the human body energy, with replenishing qi and blood, thirst, strengthening the bones, Lee urination and other effects. Regular grapes on neurasthenia and fatigue were quite a lot of benefits. Grapes taste good and with their beautiful shape, and the nutrient-rich, has always been regarded as “the treasure of fruit," it is the head of the worlds top four fruits. Weight loss theory: Mexico medical experts found that women take 10 pieces fresh grapes daily consumption with a lot of vitamins, can achieve weight loss purposes, but also beneficial to cardiovascular health. Korean temperament beauty Lee Young Ae is with grapes meal to lose weight after each finds her own fat. Sunday: banana----yellow fruit The banana is so sweet, so it is always thought the high calories, but it is not the true, one banana (net weight 100g more or less) only has 87 calories, compared with the rice which you eat in one meal, it only has the amount of the low-calorie.   Weight loss theory: Taking a banana in the night, it has good effect for the relieve constipation, and with the green juice, you will get the double effects! The fruit has the low calorie, rich in trace elements and high fiber content; in the total it is helpful to lose weight. But you should not make a wish to any one fruit with the special effect, it is not scientific. Taking one to three fruit one day, with the balance diet and reasonable exercise, the final victory is in the front.
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