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62 year old woman 130 lbs. with high potassium and high cholesterol....what can I eat without it affecting one another?

Posted by Lilia

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Great question because it shows that you understand how a healthy diet is all about balance.  I've found, through trial and error and by learning more about the power of sound nutrition from other experts, that if you consume the right variety of nutrients the body comes into a natural balance.  However, I'm no food combining professional, so I rely on an expert who knows how to maximize the positive aspects of foods and minimize the negative aspects.  His name is Dr. Tei Fu Chen and he creates herbal food concentrates that use a wide variety of plants to properly nourish, cleanse and balance the body.  His company has been a leader in the manufacturing of healthy foods and drinks for over 27 years.  Me and millions of other people around the world rely on his expertise to maintain perfect balance in our diet.  It's so much easier and more reliable than trying to figure out what foods are going to address what irregularity.  Imbalance occurs when we try to fix problems with a dose of this for that symptom or a dose of that for this symptom.  You can look around for other stuff, but this is a shortcut to excellent health.  Visit this link for more information:

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