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6-Years On Low Carb, 2+ Years of Low Carb Confidential, 200,000 Page Views, and 50 lbs.

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:00pm

Unknown man with equally unknown bulldog – both of whom could care less about Me and this Blog

A few events of note passed without notice – I thought I’d mention them:

6-Years On Low Carb

6 years ago this past September, I sat down one Saturday and read the Atkins Diet book. I tried it for 2 weeks, lost 20-lbs., then decided that low carb was not for me – and went back to my previous way of eating.

I felt so awful, that I immediately went back on Atkins and have tried to live on some form of carb-restricting diet ever since.

I never tried another diet - I did get some pointers from the TNT Diet, but I considered it an addendum to Atkins.

I’ve great respect for the Paleo diet, with its emphasis on natural foods, but feel it too restricting – just because cavemen didn’t eat cheese – why shouldn’t I?

I lost close to 90 lbs (for like one day) from my high weight of 265, but after 6- years, I’ve kept at least 50 lbs. off for almost the entire time. I’m 215.4 at this exact moment.

That constitutes a ‘hit-the-ball-out-off-the-park’ success in anyone’s book.

I’m about 40 lbs. off of where I want to be, but I’ll just keep trying – it’s what I have been doing for 6-years, so in a strange way, my long and persistent string of failures has actually been quite successful.

Maybe if I didn’t set such an unrealistic goal, I would have never achieved what I have achieved.

2+ Years of Low Carb Confidential

It started as a way to keep my recipes in a place I could access from work so I could get some ideas on what to make when I got home.

I never thought anyone would ever find the thing – I thought it would ‘hide in plain sight’ – but an odd thing occurred - people started visiting.

There’s a problem with this, of course. You can start ‘playing to the crowd’. And I suppose I did that for some period of time.

But it wasn’t really why I was doing this. Stats and visit counts, and all that other stuff is an interesting diversion that can get in the way of what this blog evolved into – a kind of online diary of sorts that tries to be brutally honest and records the good, the bad and the ugly of what my 6-years of low carb looks like.

With all the great resources out there, I still don’t quite understand why anyone comes here. I try not to over-think it.

It is what it is, I suppose.

In that time I’ve lost some of my evangelical zeal – and have come to realize that low carb is not for everyone, and tend to keep my ruminations on low carb here – as opposed to blathering about it to anyone trapped in a conversation with me. I’m not trying to save the World anymore.

I’m just a schmuck trying to lose a few pounds – who writes off-the-cuff meandering prose of varying quality that maybe exorcises some inner demons of mine. If any of the stuff here has been of help to some of you, then I can also say I’ve ‘given back’ something to the community – which might be another reason why this still exists and I still write.

200,000 Page Views

I don’t know when, exactly, but some time back I hit 200,000 page views. Right now, I’m at 215,000. That’s kinda weird, considering I wasn’t really trying. For a brief time, I tried promoting it – but what’s the point? I’m not really sure what the point of the blog is. Something about low carb, assuredly – but other than that?

Enough self-indulgent clap-trap. Sorry to bore you with this.

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