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5 Ways to Keep your Children Healthy

Posted May 24 2009 10:02pm


Go outside and play!

Playing outside is an integral component in ensuring your children remain healthy and don’t become sluggish or too content in remaining inside playing video games.   Parks are a good way to expose kids to sunlight and running around without imposing too many restrictions on them; neighborhood parks are additionally an important method through which to make new friends for your kids as well as meet other parents in the area.   However, if there are multiple parks in your neighborhood, it is necessary to go to different parks every other week in order to allow your kids to experience different environments instead of growing bored of the same park.   Different seasons also require different types of outdoor events; summertime is the best time to encourage your kids to go outside and play: there are tons of water games to play!   Up to a certain age, many kids are enraptured by any means in which they can get wet, from water balloons, to hoses, to swimming pools, and it thus becomes easy to lure them into the warm air and away from the air conditioner.   Certain winter states can also produce fun winter pastimes such as snowball fights and sledding; not every state has snow, but most also have ice skating rinks to test your abilities on.

Approach playtime as a healthy activity

There are also many indoor activities that can be used for rainy days; dance offs are a fun way to encourage your kids to get some exercise without the usual methods of running around.   Music is an integral way to introduce your kids to a number of timeless songs as well as encourage their individual musical growth.   Additionally, it is one activity in which the entire family can participate, from babies to adults.   

Healthy snacks and foods

Keeping mid-meal snacks healthy is often a tedious task for many parents due to the fact that most kids do not enjoy eating healthy foods.   Organic and natural foods have helped in this predicament by offering a wide array of foods that are free of outside additives and are grown under special conditions.   There have also been a slew of cookbooks written that encourage healthy cooking for kids by “hiding” healthy vegetables like squash into cakes, cookies, and dinners.   This is a revolutionary way in which to expose your kids to needed nutrients without forcing them to eat the vegetable by itself.   It thus becomes your own little cooking secret.  

Regular doctor appointments

Keeping up to date with doctor’s appointments and checkups is also a good way to ensure your kids remain healthy.   Additionally, keeping an eye on recent health emergencies (such as the recent swine flu scare) is helpful in determining where your child can visit and play.   Kids have a growing immune system and their exposure to many other children aids in procuring viruses; this is a healthy endeavor though, and it is good for them to gain this exposure rather than sitting at home without any kind of interaction.  

Monitor environmental safety measures

The recent environmental safety precautions have infiltrated from big cities to smaller towns and it becomes important to keep up with news of these stories.   The air quality of your community might be worse on some days, and while there is little you can do about this, it is worth noting so that you don’t take your children on any strenuous activity.   Outdoor activities on days where air quality is poor can lead to heightened health conditions such as asthma and behavior problems.

This post was contributed by Kimberly Peterson, who writes about themasters in healthcare. She welcomes your feedback at KimPeterson2006 at



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