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5 ways to keep off holiday pounds

Posted by Mary Ann P.

  1. Make sure you stay hydrated. Sometimes you'll think you're hungry when you're really just thirsty.
  2. Snack on raw veggies while you make that big dinner, party food or holiday treats. It'll keep you from taste testing so much.
  3. Don't forget to eat a salad first or to sample the fruits and veggies at a party before moving on to the more fattening fare. This will fill you up and you won't be as likely to over eat.
  4. Brush your teeth immediately after a big meal if possible. Or pop in a breath mint. That way you won't be tempted to nibble on leftovers as you put them away.
  5. As a gift to yourself try out a new excercise class or plan a workout date with a friend to keep yourself on track.
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