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5 Ways To Build Relationships On Social Media

Posted Aug 14 2012 2:00pm

Marketing on social media is all about building relationships and not that word that everyone throws around, “ROI”(Return on Investment). How can you measure a prospect’s trust in your brand? How can you measure loyalty to your brand? Those are invaluable resources that takes time and EFFORT to build. You have to focus on building relationships via the tool that is social media.

So how do you build relationships with your audience?  Here is 5 ways to move in the right direction.

1. Stop, Look and Listen

If you want to stand out from the rest and be heard above the noise, you first have to stop and listen. Understand what your ideal client’s needs are, what they are struggling with, what solutions do they need in their businesses? 

2. Don’t just Listen, but HEAR

The neat thing about social media is that we can gather incredible amounts of valuable information about our ideal client. This makes market research easy but the hard part comes into play when it comes to building relationships that will result in paying customers. Listening and gathering info is great but if you don’t act on what you HEAR, then it’s all moot. You have to be willing to provide solutions to your ideal client. 

3. Know Your Audience

Don’t lead with the sale! People smell a sales pitch a mile away today. You have to know and CARE for your audience. If you focus on the money and forget the people, you are making a critical mistake and tossing all your marketing efforts down the drain.

4. It’s Not About YOU

Think first and be most concerned about what matters to your ideal client. Give them a place to talk to you, share what their needs are, what they are interested in and what they would love to get back from you. Whatever mattes MOST to them, needs to matter MOST to YOU!

5. Ask “How can I serve you?”

Taking the “ME” mentality one step further, when you lead with advertising instead of relationship building, you are more focused on your needs and how you can make a dollar than on how you can serve your ideal client. I promise you that if you serve your ideal client and their needs, the money will follow!  

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