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5 ways to Beat a Craving

Posted by Mary Ann P.

It’s three o’clock and you’re dying to hit the vending machines. What should you do?

· Chew sugar free gum- sometimes you just want to chew on something

· Try nuts- A small handful of raw nuts, like almonds stop the ghrelin production that’s making your tummy rumble

· How about a mint?-Sometimes a mint is all you need to stop that craving in it’s tracks.

· Maybe your dehydrated-Try a bottle of water. That may be what you’re body’s really craving.

· Grab an apple-Apples are sweet and crunchy, with lots of fiber.

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...because there have been so many posts on it, which to me, proves that cravings comprise one of the biggest obstacles to dieting/eating well. I think a large part of it actually has to do with the fact that people tend to deny themselves full, healthy, satisfying meals. For instance, I used to pack myself measly salads for lunch, thinking that the smaller and greener it was, the better off I'd be. But in terms of nutritional content, I wasn't getting half of what I should have been, which made me hungry around 3pm, which subsequently led to trolling around the vending machines. I think it would be easier to stave that craving if we put more passion into packing an interesting, vibrant lunch that enabled us to keep the fire burning without necessarily WANTING to stop for snackies. Making sure the portion is sufficient and that you have a lot of ingredients to keep your palate tuned is have been key to me.
I absolutely agree that nuts are a delicious and healthy way to snack. I don't believe there is anything wrong with snacking loads. In fact, there is much evidence to suggest that eating lots of little meals rather than big meals is much healthier and better for weight loss.
I love a handful of nuts in the afternoon, but I have a hard time stopping at just a few. Before you know it, I've made quite a meal and then I'm sunk! They go down too easily.
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