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5 Ways to Be Happy without Junk Food...

Posted by Teresa J.

5 Ways to Be Happy without Junk Food or Even Taking out Your Wallet

  1. Exercise. Get moving. Mentally and physically, exercise will make you feel good. I like to exercise in groups, as it motivates me more. Whichever method or activity is going to get you motivated is the best one for you!
  2. Hug a big dog. At the end of a difficult day, wrapping your arms around a big ole happy, furry, warm dog can’t be topped. Added bonus: you’ll feel his whole body smile too.
  3. Help the environment. Do what you can. Turn off a light or two. Recycle. I use cloth diapers on my baby; it feels good to do something.
  4. Accomplish something (big or small.) Graduate. Learn to cook a new dish. Hug ten people today. Any small accomplishment is a confidence booster, as long as you set an attainable goal and reach it.
  5. Skip that chocolate bar (or ice cream or high fat specialty coffee.) Walk right by the convenience store without stopping for a treat. You’ll feel proud of yourself and smile all the way home.
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Great tips!!! Helping the environment is so important. Not enough can be said or done about it today. I used cloth diapers on my daughter; it was great. I'd do it again. Exercise does a spirit and body good. Awesome way to live, having an exercise program that helps you feel great!
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