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5 Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

Posted Nov 26 2010 10:37am
1.    Maintain a healthy colon.  Reducing, or eliminating meat and dairy, and eating more fiber, is one step toward a healthy colon.  Animal flesh takes a substantial amount of energy to digest and often leaves behind undesirable waste in the digestive tract.  Dairy products deposit a lining of mucus on the inside of the colon that prevents valuable nutrition from being used by the rest of the body.  High fiber foods help keep the colon clean and scrub away the mucus so that nutrients can be absorbed more efficiently.

2.    Eat more whole foods and alkaline foods.  Diets rich in whole and unrefined foods, like whole grains, dark green and yellow/orange-fleshed vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, contain high concentrations of antioxidants, fibers and numerous other plant nutrients that may be protective against chronic diseases.  Many of these nutrient rich whole foods are alkaline foods that protect the body in many ways.  Take the free alkaline food test to learn more about creating the proper balance of alkaline foods to acid foods (you do need some acid forming foods, but not as many as most people eat).

3.    Drink, drink, drink-Not just water, but health drinks that make your water intake more productive.  Use health drinks that are carefully processed with whole food ingredients.  Bottled, enhanced vitamin waters are overly processed and do not contain live enzymes or whole food vitamins.  Eliminate sodas and junky sport drinks made with chemical isolates.  Also, be very careful with caffeine and alcohol.

4.    Think about how to get more nutrition in fewer calories, which is easier than ever using concentrated whole foods (better than juicing without the hassle). 

5.    Eat frequent, small amounts throughout the day, rather than 3 big meals. 

For an easy step-by step program,
See this Daily Healthy Food Plan
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