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5 Things to Drink Instead of Sugary Juice/Coffee Drinks/Etc.

Posted Aug 25 2011 9:19am

Though I guess I UNDERSTAND why people love juice and other sugary drinks (they’re tasty, I suppose), I’ve never understood the point of downing sugar and calories in juice or extra-sweet coffee drinks. But I do understand the desire to drink something flavored with a meal or just because it’s fun to drink.

Next time you’re craving a flavored drink, try one of these instead:

For Lemon Lovers: Passion Tazo Tea

I don’t know what it is about this stuff that really does it for me. Actually, I do: It’s tart, strong, and deeply flavorful. When I’m craving something with punch, this tea always does the trick. If you don’t like tart flavors, it might not be your cup of tea (pun absolutely intended), but if you do, you’ll fall in love. Also, you can drink it hot or iced! For the iced version, just fill a cup with ice, add water, and soak the tea bag for a bit longer than you normally would for hot tea.

For the Over-Heated: Cucumber-Mint Water

You wouldn’t think so, but cucumber actually has a fairly strong flavor and can hold its own, even in water. Add the ever-refreshing mint and you have a beverage that’s more fresh than a newborn babe. Just soak cucumber slices (be sure to rinse thoroughly first) and mint leaves in a pitcher of cold water for as long as you want (longer = more flavor, obvs).

For the Caffeine Fiend: Good Coffee with REAL CREAM

I know you all know this, but I’m not scared of real cream. I’m clearly not afraid of a little fat. Adding real heavy whipping cream to coffee gives it a flavor that milk or half and half just can’t match. And definitely stay away from creamer! It usually has all kinds of weird stuff, including trans fat . It also means your coffee acts like more of a snack, or even part of a meal, because the cream is caloric and satisfying (yet still doesn’t have the sugar that most creamers do!).

For the Recovering Junk Food Addict: Homemade Soda

I know I’ve mentioned this better alternative to juice/soda before , but allow me to drive the point home once again. It’s ridiculously easy to make your own pop/soda (I’m from the Midwest… I’m a pop girl) by combining 100% juice with club soda/sparkling water in a ratio of about 1:3. The sugar should be pretty low, but you’ll still have a beverage with some flavor.

For the Sugar Fanatic: Chocolate Tea

From what I can tell, there are two types of chocolate tea: black tea that’s flavored chocolate and actual chocolate shavings you steep as tea. I’ve tried both kinds. The latter tends to be stronger and darker tasting, and I’d recommend adding cream (see #3) for more flavor. This drink definitely hits the spot if you’re craving hot chocolate, or chocolate in general.

So drink up! Just don’t guzzle the sugary stuff. And whatever you do, stay away from diet soda. It’s horrible.

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