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5 super foods for a healthy brain.

Posted by Swati S.

As we age, our brain tends to get slower. However, eating the right kinds of food helps us remain ‘brainy.’ Here are some of my favorites.

Blueberries. According to research, they improve learning capacity.

Avocados. Slightly fatty, but good for the brain.

Whole grains. Healthy, both for your brains and for the body.

Beans. Very good, especially black beans and lentils.

Pomegranate. Have it as a raw fruit, or in the form of a juice.

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Thanks for sharing these foods. They are all things I like to eat. (Glad you did not say "zucchini.") Though, sometimes I wonder if it's not a good idea for the brain to slow down a little bit. I think too much sometimes...maybe it'd be a good thing if my mind slowed down juuuust a tad. :-)
Superfoods are so important...they are the foods that give us the nutrients we need. I would also include raw chocolate, also called cacao in this list. Raw chocolate is fantastic for raising energy and endorphins...both important for the brain.
I knew about blueberries and pomgranates, which I love. I'm glad to know that avocados, whole grains and beans are included in the list. I'm definitely on the superfoods bandwagon.
I eat three out of five of those foods regularly. I didn't know that they "boost" the brain, but it's good to know. If I decide to go back to school for my masters, I'll be adding those to dinner quite a bit!
I could eat these foods for say - a week! Will this boost SAT scores? These are all delicious foods and it's good to know something as decadent as avocado is so good for us! Now if only tortilla chips would hit this list!
Thumbs up to you! I'm always glad to know which foods are most important for me to be eating. I had a cobb salad the other night. While it was a tad oversized and included some things I don't love so much (bacon! yech), it also included avacado. I feel good knowing that I've been eating superfoods, even though I was eating at a popular restaurant and travelling, two things that can ruin a good diet for certain!

Bee Pollen is another fantastic food for the brain. In fact, it is one of the best for keeping the brain young. Check out

Last week I tried blueberries in my oatmeal - it was great! I put it in the microwave for a minute and the blueberries started to break down and it was delicious.

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