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5 Random Thoughts Friday

Posted Mar 15 2013 8:30am

This is going to be a boring looking post. No super fun photos. More just random things I am thinking or going on in my life. Feeling the urge to read? Then this is the perfect match for you today!


1. Last week I tried out a new class at my gym called Strike Kick (kickboxing). The instructor was kind of boring, but got the job done and I loved the class. I could barely wash my hair that night because my arms were so sore. I wanted to go back this Tuesday to his class, but my schedule wouldn’t allow it. I really wanted to make sure that I got that workout in this week so I headed to the gym last night to try out the same class with another instructor. Ugh. Bad idea. The class started with the instructor yelling at everyone to move forward. I like to have room to flail around. Let me be in the middle to back. There were plenty of people in the front. When the music started it was all techno. Fine. I can handle that. I could not handle the constant screeching of this instructor into the microphone though. He was breathing hard. He was yelling. He had one of those Boston accents that you see on tv and think it is fake. What really set me over the edge was the change from techno music to Megadeth. Yes. Heavy metal music. And he sang to it. I lasted through 3 of these songs and when he started yelling at everyone to get down and give him 15 burpees “now, now, now! Don’t be lazy!” I walked the heck out. I went to sweat, work hard, and decompress. I’m pretty sure I strained my face giving him a dirty look as I left. That really showed him, right?!

2. I bought a set of weights off of Amazon to do my own version of Body Pump at home. This should be…entertaining. I used to love this class at my old gym, but my old gym cost $120/month and that is ridiculous. My current $20/month gym is too cheap to do any classes like this so at home will work just fine. I haven’t quite figured out where these bad boys are going to live in my house, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


3. I’m leaving for vacation soon. I AM SO EXCITED. I need sun. I need a cocktail. I need to wear my bathing suit for extended periods of time. Next week I’m going to post a little bit about my packing process which is both genius and slightly OCD.

4. I’m looking forward to a weekend of fun. I have no idea what the weather is going to be and refuse to look at it. I have a few workouts planned, plus some St. Patrick’s Day celebrating. This Irish girl loves a good St. Patty’s celebration!

5. Oh yea, and I’ve officially lost 30 lbs since the beginning of the year. No big deal. ;)


I hope you guys have a great weekend! Cheers to my fellow Irish and Irish-for-St. Patrick’s Day buddies! See ya next week with a few travel posts, another beauty review, and a WIAW !

Are you going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?!

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