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5 High Fiber Foods for Daily Fiber

Posted Apr 21 2009 11:02pm
Those who are aware of the need for high fiber foods know that 25-35 grams of fiber are the recommended daily amounts for a healthy diet. Here are 5 high fiber foods that are easy to eat each day.

1. Apples - The perfect high fiber foods to eat anywhere, anytime. Apples provide a quick way to pick up 5 grams of fiber.

2. Beans - Few high fiber foods are as economical and versatile as beans. Black beans provide as much as 7g of fiber per 1/4 cup, a quarter cup of pinto beans rings up a hefty 12g of fiber per serving, and Garbanzo beans offer 9g of fiber per 1/4 cup serving.

3. Whole Grains - A bowl of oatmeal, a piece of multi-grain toast, or a bran muffin are good high fiber foods for breakfast. Each one provides an easy way to start the day with 3-5g of fiber or more.

4. High Fiber Food Bars - For quick, healthy snacks any time of day, high fiber food bars are an effortless choice. Just make sure that the bar provides at least 4g of fiber in a serving or it isn't worth the calories. All too often, people eat snack bars that offer little or no fiber. Look for all natural high fiber food bars that give you the most fiber in the fewest calories.

5. Fiber Drinks - Health drinks that provide soluble fiber are good choices if they include whole food ingredients and are low in sugar. In fact, some high fiber drinks even has FOS, a soluble fiber that is typically found in foods like onion, garlic, oats, and barley. High fiber foods in health drinks make it really easy to add 5g of fiber to your diet any time of day.

With these five high fiber foods as part of your daily routine, you will easily consume 25-35 grams of fiber each day without the hassles of juicing or preparing pounds of produce.
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