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5 Health Benefits from High Fiber Foods

Posted Oct 07 2010 12:00pm
Over the past decade, experts have been claiming that most people do not get enough high fiber foods and that adding more fiber to the diet can have dramatic effects.

Fiber is a natural element in some foods that the body eliminates through waste. While high fiber foods get masticated and become smaller, the fiber does not move beyond the digestive system. Instead, it travels from one end of the digestive system to the other, doing several very important jobs along the way

1. High fiber foods require more chewing, meaning that they slow down the pace of eating. This provides the body time to be satiated and helps prevent weight gain from overeating.

2. When high fiber foods are consumed and make their way to the stomach they merge with all the other food, slowing down the time it takes for nutrients to get into the blood stream. The longer it takes for fiber to be processed in the stomach also means that a person feels content and full for a longer period of time. Again, this prevents over indulging and weight gain.

3. One important thing that slows down with the consumption of high fiber foods is the absorption of sugar, which means it enters the blood stream at a moderately level pace, keeping the blood sugar levels from rising and falling too dramatically. So, in addition to moderating mood and energy levels, high fiber foods also help to keep the pancreas from overworking, which can prevent diabetes.

4. As fiber advances through the digestive system, the little particles actually clean the insides of the intestines, removing built-up waste materials. This helps to prevent irritations that can lead to polyps and cancer, as well as getting rid of toxins that can lead to numerous diseases.

5. At the end of the digestive process, fiber accumulates waste materials and washes them out of the body. A blend of high fiber foods and proper hydration assures a healthy elimination process that keeps the body performing correctly.
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