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5 Foods That Help with Inflammation

Posted Jan 20 2012 10:02pm

Imagine this, you are walking into your kitchen and you trip over another toy left on the floor, that you’ve told your child a dozen times to put away. As you proceed to pick yourself up off the floor, you notice your arm is beginning to swell and turn red and an imprint of the notorious toy is pressed into your skin….sound familiar?

Your arm in the meantime is getting redder and feels warm. The chemicals responsible for this instant reaction are called eicosanoids. There are actually two sets of eicosanoids, prostaglandins and leukotrienes which both trigger inflammation.

Many believe that inflammation is a bad thing, but actually it is a sign that the body is healing itself. However, severe inflammation can prolong rehabilitation and increase discomfort. The key is to prevent excessive inflammation and this can be accomplished through nutrition.

Below you will learn about 5 of the top inflammation busting foods on the market and you may already have some in your kitchen.

Inflammation is an important part of the body’s healing mechanism. If applying ice to the injured area does not give you relief try the natural alternatives found in the foods shared above.

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