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Posted Oct 29 2010 3:32pm

5 recipes cooked

4 stores visited to get ingredients

3 loads of dishes

2 trips out to get said ingredients

1 exhausted IGE!

WHEW! I have spent nearly ALL day in the kitchen cooking my tootsies off! If you would have peeked inside my windows around 11am, you would have thought a bomb went off.

There was spices spilled on the countertops, cranberry sauce splattered on the stove, crumbs everywhere…

I never said I was a tidy cook. :)  

I was working on some recipes that’ll be featured in my November Q Magazine article, all about healthified Thanksgiving foods (I have a DOOZIE of a dessert for you!) and for a contest I’m working on. Here’s a sneak peak!

DSC_0078 DSC_0104

DSC_0192 DSC_0122 DSC_0172

All recipes to be revealed in due time. Due time.

I ended up not being able to get to the gym because I ran out of time (and still have some work to do!) so I counted my mad sprints around the kitchen for 4 hours good. Plus I still need to do some vacuuming before Ben gets home so…arm workout?! ;)

Tonight we’re watching Get Him to the Greek with Jonah Hill & Russell Brand. Apparently it’s supposed to be the sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which we have literally watched on repeat it’s so funny. I’m looking forward to it. :)


Leftovers from today’s shenanigans shall be on the dinner menu, and a glass of wine shall be in my hand. Red or White? That is the question…


Have a great night everyone!


Friday evening beverage of choice: wine, beer or other?

ALL my girlfriends drink wine, but I just can’t really get into it! Although I did have some AMAZING semi-sweet Edelwiess white wine from a local winery a couple weeks ago and I do ADORE Ménage Trois red wine blend. I’d say if I’m going to drink wine, I usually prefer a semi-sweet white. Otherwise I’m a Blue Moon/something fun type of beer gal!

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