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4 secrets help you lose weight without dieting

Posted Feb 11 2011 9:48pm

A recent study found that focusing on losing weight actually often lead us to gain weight. This study is highlighting something that we already know: diets do not work.

I know that a healthy lifestyle change–rather than a diet–is what was responsible for my transformation . But despite having this evidence, I still need a little reminding every now and then. So, here are my best tips for changing your habits and losing weight without counting any carbs or calories:

Eat Real Food

Yes, you might have heard of this idea already because there is kind of a movement happening. But if you still aren’t sure what it is all about, I recommend that you read any of Michael Pollan’s books .

Drink Water

They say that many of us confuse thirst for hunger , and that drinking plenty of water can make you feel more full . Personally, I also feel that making sure I am drinking enough water makes me feel more energized and better overall. If you are feeling sluggish and having constant food cravings, I suggest you grab a glass of H2O.  Making a habit of drinking more water can help you make better choices about what you eat.

Get moving

Many active people and athletes will agree that bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. The more I exercise, the more energy that I have overall. Also, one study found that exercise suppresses your appetite .  I always remind myself that I can’t expect to be able to fill up on cupcakes and then go for a hike!  Staying active helps you make healthy decisions at the table.

Listen to your body

Again, let me bring up the cupcake example. As a junk food lover, I really do enjoy chowing down on unhealthy foods. But I have to remind myself that these foods leave me feeling gross, sluggish and just don’t give me the energy that I need. I’m not saying that junk food has lost it’s appeal to me–because it certainly hasn’t–but I know what I put in my body is fuel.

I hope these tips get you inspired and that you all enjoy your weekend!


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