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4 Fun Fruits That Will Benefit Your Child’s Health

Posted Oct 10 2010 5:00am

flower cracker Everyone knows that children love to eat sweet foods, which more often than not hurt their health rather than improve it. But with all of the junk food out there, it’s hard to find snacks children will enjoy that also give their bodies the nutrients it needs. Here are some fruits that you can incorporate into afternoon snack time that are not only fun but beneficial to your child’s health.

Your child is sure to love this sweet green fruit, which can be cut up in slices for easy eating. Not only does the bright color of kiwi make it a good source of flavonoids, it is also full of vitamins. As a type of plant based compound, flavonoids are what gives many fruits and vegetables their rich colors. As your child’s body processes flavonoids it produces enzymes which help to get rid of mutagens and carcinogens. Flavonoids also help to decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, and make blood vessels stronger. Kiwi fruits also have high amounts of vitamin C, A and E. The water-soluble vitamin C helps your child develop healthy teeth, gums, blood vessels, and bones. Vitamin A is important in eyesight and necessary for color vision, while vitamin E is essential to strengthen the immune system and protect cells from damage.

Not only do grapes already come in an edible size, they are full of nutrients like vitamin C, potassium calcium, and antioxidants. Grapes are an easy way to ensure that your children get enough vitamin C in order to help with the growth and repair of tissues in their bodies. Vitamin C also is important in the forming of skin and scar tissues, the healing of wounds, and repair of cartilage. Grapes also contain potassium, which aids in metabolism and converts and stores energy in the cells, as well as calcium a mineral that is essential for healthy bone growth. Rich in antioxidants, grapes contain anthocyanins and flavones which can help reduce damage caused to your child’s body by pollutants and toxic chemicals.

If you are concerned about your children getting enough vitamin A, vitamin C, or B vitamins, you should consider cutting them a few slices of this melon. Cantaloupe contains a high amount of concentrated beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A once inside the body. Both of these nutrients are important when it comes to vision as they improve eyesight and can treat or prevent eye conditions. Vitamin A helps support lung function, maintain healthy teeth, and aids in bone and body growth. The powerful antioxidant beta carotene enhances the immune system and can help protect your child from conditions like asthma, headaches, pneumonia, and psoriasis. Cantaloupe also contains many B vitamins like vitamin B6, folate, and niacin, which help with energy production and the processing of carbohydrates, maintaining of metabolism, and stabilization of blood sugar.

All you have to do is remove the seed before you let your children bite into this juicy fruit, which is full of fiber and minerals. Fiber is vital in your child’s digestive health, as both soluble and insoluble fiber work to keep the digestive tract clean and productive. It is important that children get plenty in order to prevent constipation and digestive conditions. Insoluble fiber can also help to prevent child obesity, as it slows digestion making children feel fuller after eating and less likely to overeat. Apricots are also full of important minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium. The body needs iron in order to make hemoglobin which helps red blood cells carry oxygen to tissues and organs. Zinc helps in the proper functioning of the immune system, energy metabolism, stress levels, and digestion. Calcium is important in the initiation of DNA synthesis, control of muscle contractions, and development of bones.


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