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3 Must Dos To Succeed With A Raw Food Diet + Guided Raw Food Program Starts 1st Feb! (Video)

Posted Jan 24 2012 2:37am

You want health, radiance and energy in abundance now right? Thought so!

The goal of eating raw food is not to fit into the label of raw foodist, but rather to be the healthiest and best you can be so you can focus on the others things in life that matter most to you. That right there is a recipe for success, happiness and fulfillment.

And that right there is a recipe for some booyah, h*ll yeah and woot woots.

You know it. I know it. That’s why I am here today writing to you, because I have a way for you to learn how to get incredible results from a raw food diet, without dogma, and while enjoying the process. Mmmhmmm, I got you covered.

If you…

Are looking to easily release weight, gain energy and feel light in your body while enjoying an abundance of delicious food..

Want to try a high raw diet but don’t know the best way to put it together to get optimal results….

Want the support, community and guidance that will make all the difference between wanting results and actually getting them…

Then let me introduce you to our new  Get Raw: 14-Day Raw Food Guided Program , starting the 1st of February and running until the 14th of February. What a way to love your Self for Valentine’s Day!

If you are looking for expert guidance, daily support and exact steps and strategies to help you to eat a clean and nourishing raw food diet (all raw or high raw), the Get Raw program is perfect for you.

You will be given everything you need to create a diet and lifestyle that moves you towards the body and health you desire while also tasting amazing!

Casey grass pic 300x225 3 Must Dos To Succeed With A Raw Food Diet + Guided Raw Food Program Starts 1st Feb! (Video) 20090316 0036 thumb 3 Must Dos To Succeed With A Raw Food Diet + Guided Raw Food Program Starts 1st Feb! (Video)

Brought to you by myself, and Philip McCluskey, Author, Weight Loss Expert and Motivational Speaker, the program includes:

  • (4) one-hour powerful educational calls (guidance and Q&A calls) to cover all the must-know steps to enjoying and maintaining a high or all raw diet with success
  • (10) videos, 5 per week covering core principles for getting results and integrating a high raw diet into your life
  • A clear and comprehensive guidebook leading you for 14 days of eating a high or all raw diet that will get you results (just eating all raw won’t necessarily do this – there is a very specific way to approach this intelligently and for lasting results that we will educate you on)
  • Daily menu plans and delicious, satisfying recipes that are fun and easy to make
  • Useful resources for living a raw food lifestyle
  • Critical success tips, guidance and support for transforming your health, body, mind, spirit and emotional well-being during and after the program
  • Bonus eBooks – Receive my Get Vital eBook and Philip’s Raw Food Salad Bar eBook as free bonuses.

If you haven’t yet committed or started taking real action towards your body and health goals for 2012, NOW is the time to do it.

Get Raw gives you the ideal opportunity to jump right in to achieving these goals so that by Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February you will be looking and feeling clear, slimmer, lighter and radiant inside and out. Right in time for a special love date with your Self or someone else on the 14th!

Get Raw will show you how to:

  • Experience amazing health and energy
  • Have a body you love
  • Immensely enjoy and be nourished by the food you eat
  • Want to choose the foods that make you feel your very best
  • Feel at peace with your relationship with food.

Get Raw will show you how we do it and how you can too.
Raddichio and rocket salad thumb 3 Must Dos To Succeed With A Raw Food Diet + Guided Raw Food Program Starts 1st Feb! (Video) Garden Ginger Sauce thumb 3 Must Dos To Succeed With A Raw Food Diet + Guided Raw Food Program Starts 1st Feb! (Video)

To learn exactly what you’ll get in the program and reserve your spot now, simply click here .

To get you started with a raw food diet and lifestyle that really transforms your health and energy, here are 3 crucial components that are essential to include:

1. Fresh vegetable juicing, mostly greens. I have talked about the benefits of green juice endlessly. There’s a reason for that. It’s a powerful healer, cleanser, source of hydration, nourishment and easily assimilated and digested. In short, it’s the shizzle.

2. Focus on fresh vegetables first. There are a ton of delicious raw food products and recipes out there that taste amazing and can really provide a great sense of having a “treat” or eating something really comforting and indulgent. However these foods typically are very dense and hard to digest also. To succeed on raw food, your focus needs to be on fresh vegetables first and foremost. Other denser raw or cooked foods can be an accompaniment to heaping piles of fresh salad, juices and smooothies, all made with simple fresh ingredients.

3. Transition! While moving to a 100% raw food diet over night works for some people, for the vast majority it really doesn’t, nor is it intelligent. If you are already eating a very clean diet it can be a beautiful, smooth transition, however for most people it is much smarter and effective (and you will in fact get results more quickly) if you slowly transition yourself away from more processed foods and onto a fresh raw diet. This will allow your body to cleanse at a comfortable yet still fast rate, while also allowing you to shift and process the changes that will occur in you emotionally, mentally and even socially too! All of these aspects need to be considered and acknowledged when changing your diet.

Now it’s time to put these 3 important keys to a successful raw food diet into practice and don’t forget to reserve your spot for the Get Raw program so you set yourself up for a hot night of Love on Valentine’s with a date or your perfect Self. You will be feeling sexier, more radiant and clearer than ever! Bring it on! wlEmoticon smile1 3 Must Dos To Succeed With A Raw Food Diet + Guided Raw Food Program Starts 1st Feb! (Video)

Your feedback: Do you eat a lot of raw food? How does it make you feel?


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