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3 Jobs in 1 Day Means 1 Post in 1 Day

Posted Jun 14 2010 11:41pm

I started both my summer jobs today along with coaching basketball! Oh boy I’m busy. But I love my new pt internship, it was so fun and I had the opportunity to really help people with their exercises and everything. I’ve been go-go-go since 7am this morning, so I didn’t have time to post until now, so all day in 1 post…

I have this amazing Artisan coffee from Target, I found it on sale, and it’s vanilla flavored. It tastes so good iced so I’ve been making iced coffee for the last three days. I had 2 iced coffees both with milk and a 1/2 tsp of sugar.

I made a garden burger on a sandwich thin with feta cheese, red onion, brown mustard and Romaine lettuce. But I left it in the car while at my first job of the day and it just seemed kinda funky once I came back to the car at noon so I ditched the sandwich and just ate the TLC granola bar and baby carrots.

While at my theater job this afternoon I had another iced coffee with milk and a splenda :mrgreen: . I had a few minutes after my theater job before I had my first Summer league game to coach so I stopped by my house and had a Caesar salad.

Just what the doctor ordered. I ate it all, except the croutons. They all fell to the bottom so by the time I ate all the lettuce all that was left was a bunch of croutons… it was kinda sad. After the game Max picked me up and we went for some dinner.

We went to an old favorite from my childhood Turtle Bay. We had a friendly visitor for dinner ;-) .

Hello little turtle!

Max, little turtle, and I snacked on some chips and yummy home made salsa while we waited for our food.

Max better watch out little turtle and I had some serious chemistry.

I was embarrassed to be caught in the act :shock:

Finally, some food. I ordered the veggie grill bowl that had a plethora of grilled veggies including onion, mushroom, red pepper, squash, cabbage… black beans, rice and a truck load of salsa (which I added ;-) ).

It was really really good! I might have just been really really hungry :eek: but it doesn’t matter because it tasted yummy.

Max and the Bro and I are all cuddled up watching reruns of FRIENDS, I’m exhausted from so many jobs… My summer is going to be jammed packed. Later all, have a great evening!

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