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3 day face lift diet

Posted by Tamar F.

So, who wouldn’t want to become gorgeous in a long weekend? Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the world’s most famous dermatologist, has designed a three-day diet to improve facial contours, firming the jaw line and skin tone. The main thrust of the diet is to eat wild salmon (which has more nutrients than farm-raised) twice a day. It also involves cutting out coffee and upping your fruit and veggie intake, and drinking 8 12-oz. glasses of water each day. The whole details of the diet can be found here:

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Hi. I checked out the site and it sounds promising. I know yoga is considered to be good for exercising the facial muscles and to prevent wrinkles. I am tempted to try this out. But I was wondering if anybody has done it and what was the experience like?
Great info! I wouldn't have the discipline to follow the diet, but I've followed Perricone's tips in the past, when I was wrestling with post-adolescent acne, and I found that he's the real deal, so I'm sure this probably works.
I'm pretty cynical that 3 days of super-healthy eating is going to make me look like I've had work done, but it can't hurt. Better yet: follow Pericone's eating advice all the time for year round beauty maintenance!
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