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3 cups of tea a day can reduce breast cancer risk

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:04pm


There have been studies reporting that drinking three cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of getting breast cancer by more than 30 per cent in women under 50.

The study by Dr. Nagi Kumor tested women who were between 20 and 74 and each one drank tea three times a day, every day. The 5,000 women tested were all treated for breast cancer and was compared with a group of women who were free of the illness.

The reason that there was a drop in developing a tumour is because tea contains antioxidants, namely polyphenols, which help stop cancer cells from growing by cutting off the new blood vessels from forming which is necessary for tumors to grow. Polyphenols are usually found in plants … which explains the connection with tea.

Surprisingly, white tea especially contains more polyphenols because the tea is derived from leaves and buds that hardly have been processed at all and are considered to be more natural.

It is important to have a high consumption rate of the tea in order to receive the appropriate amount of polyphenol in your system, hence, the three cups a day routine.

Those who don’t like caffeine or cannot consume that amount of caffeine in their system can choose to drink white tea or herbal tea instead of the others because there is no caffeine found at all in these two beverages.

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