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3 Biggest Loser Weight Loss Lessons Learned, Lesson 2

Posted Jan 27 2010 2:43pm

The current Biggest Loser Season 9 is really hitting home another Biggest Loser Weight Loss Lesson take-away for me.  I think Trainer Jillian Michaels correctly commented during this week's weigh-in, on why one of the key reasons that the green team of Migdalia and Miggy is battling being very overweight, is that they don't let their emotions out.

Emotional eating is a tough nut to crack.  I know because it's something I've struggled with in my past, and every now and then during stressful times, it fights hard to rear its ugly head.  There's a reason why many favorite food types are called "comfort food" (and why I learned to not deny myself my favorite comfort foods as discussed in my book Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!)

Weight Loss Lesson 2

Pent-Up Emotions Can Lead To Emotional Weight Gain

From the time we're babies, we're taught to be comforted by a pacifier in our mouths, and then when we're sad, a parent might attempt to make us feel better with a treat.  When we teach ourselves (or get taught) to soothe any painful emotions with food, it's easy to let your weight get out of hand if you don't confront your emotions.  And when you hear the different stories of Biggest Loser contestants, inevitably there is something they've experienced that triggered this "eat to feel better" response to life. 

Now this doen't mean that you can just let your emotions out whenever you feel like it, because then you'll have another problem.  But it does mean that if you let your emotions get too pent up, it could lead to emotional eating.  So let it out when it's appropriate, and channel it into a socially acceptable way when you can't! 

In my case, I believe there's a reason that kickboxing was invented--you can burn lots of calories and get a lot of crap out of your system.  Before I took my company SunLover Publishing LLC full-time, I often would imagine I was beating up a boss or colleague who pissed me off.  Much healthier than having a reunion with my friends Ben & Jerry's of my wayward past!

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