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3,2,1 workout!

Posted May 01 2011 1:19pm

Hi everyone, hope you’ve enjoyed a great weekend! I’ve had a busy one catching up with friends and family including a kiddies party and BBQ.

I did manage to fit in a couple of great workouts - As I’m off to NYC next week I’ll be taking a few days off from working out so I thought I’d squeeze in an additional workout this weekend and use it as an opportunity to try out something new. I had read in this months Ultra Fit magazine about the 3,2,1 workout system used by Hollywood personal trainer Ramona Braganza :

images/400BusinessCard.gif source

It basically means 3 sections of cardio, 2 sections of strength and 1 section of abs and core work (at least that’s how I’ve interpreted it based on the info in the article). Here’s how I transferred this idea into a workout:

  • section 1 – 10 minutes cardio intervals - cross trainer
  • section 2 – 10 minutes lower body strength circuit including lunges, squats, dead lifts (I have serious DOMS in my glutes today from this!) etc
  • section 3 – 10 minutes cardio intervals - step machine
  • section 4 – 10 minutes upper body strength circuit including shoulder press, hammer curls, upright row, tricep kick backs etc
  • section 5 – 10 minutes cardio intervals – bike
  • section 6 – 10 minutes abs and core – 2 min plank, 1 min side planks, sit ups on stability ball with medicine ball for added resistance, bicycle crunches etc

I really enjoyed this workout, I loved combining the cardio and fast paced resistance circuits as it made the workout fly over! I think I may incorporate this system into my training more often!

Today’s workout was my long run. I changed up my usual route completely – this one includes a couple of hills, two of which are an absolute killer and right in the last couple of miles of the route. I set out early and completed 10.5 miles in 1.39 with an average pace of 9.24 which although slower than last week I was pretty chuffed with considering those hills! I am still in shock every time I see my pace as it has improved so much since last year.

Eats have been great too! Breakfast on Saturday morning was so so good:


I had bought a tub of plain soy yoghurt to try as I have never had it before and wanted to see how it compared to my tofu yoghurt . I also a bottle of orange flower water that I’d picked up as an impulse purchase. I mixed the soy yoghurt with a teaspoon of the orange flower water and had it alongside some blueberries, a crumbled sunshine muffin and some pistachios. I loved the delicate orange flavour of the yoghurt. As far as the soy yoghurt versus tofu yoghurt goes I actually still prefer my tofu yoghurt ! This was ok but I like the simpler ingredients of my tofu yoghurt as the soy yoghurt contains added sugar. One thing that the soy yoghurt has over the tofu yoghurt is that it has added calcium and vitamin D. I think in future I may change up between the two so I’m getting the added vitamin and mineral benefits.

Lunch on Saturday was my favourite sunflower seed butter raw wraps made with spring green leaves and filled with apple and carrot. I also had some chopped plums and more carrot on the side:


For dinner I made a herbed socca pizza base and topped it with my high protein hummus and roasted veggies including aubergine, asparagus, courgette, red pepper and red onion:


It was heaven! The combo of hummus and roasted veggies is always good but was wonderful on top of the herbed socca.

This morning I refuelled after my run with a tasty tropical green smoothie:


This contained spring greens, frozen banana, frozen mango, vanilla sun warrior, ground flax, mesquite, maca and xanthan and guar gums. I topped it with coconut flour sauce, cacao nibs, gojis and raw granola.

Today we were round at James Dads for a BBQ. I had two tofu sausages, onion rings, lots of salad, picked onions, beetroot and ketchup:


I also had more salad, several jazz apples and lots of strawberries! We enjoyed the BBQ in his little sun trap of a back garden:

P1050354 OOTD: Denim Jacket: New look, gray tee: New look, gold chain necklace: Topshop, Tan bag: Dune, cardigan (just seen): Tesco, trousers: Topshop, gold sandals: Next

Before we headed round there we had a quick shopping trip into Newcastle. I picked up a few cheap purchases from Primark:




I loved the cherry print on that top and thought it would be a great summer look to go with jeans or shorts. I also loved this khaki colour chinos which I’ll be able to wear for work with smarter tops as well as casual. I just couldn’t resist the Wonder Woman tee, will be great to wear around the house, as well as with jeans and converse! I usually don’t like much I see in Primark so I was happy to find these for a change!

I can’t believe we are now in May! I’ll be back tomorrow with a quick post looking back over April, my goals for May and a few thoughts on weight maintenance. I’m definitely thinking of incorporating the 3,2,1 system into my training plan, especially as I want to avoid boredom as well as continuing to challenge my body in new ways. Have you came across the 3,2,1 style of workout before? What did you think? Do you change up your workouts each month or do you just go with the flow?

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