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2012 Resolution: Keep green!

Posted Jan 17 2012 4:12am

Sometimes you may feel embarrassed in front of beautiful girls because of your belly fat. In one way or another way it serves as an obstacle in your life.

Do you know that by keeping that thing, you keep depriving yourself of the confidence and pride which you completely deserve in all the sense.

I myself used to spend experience that I always had this desire of wearing a body fit shirt, but because of the fear, that my belly fat could pop out any time. Since then, I always hide my fatty second round under a very loose shirt. 

Think, think, and think! Plan, plan, and plan! Yes, I should attach myself to a very strict fitness resolution right away and you same like my situation, should either.

However, to get rid of belly fat, it is not the same meaning with the less food consumption, the more belly fat lose. Wrong thing! even you keep skipping all meals (warned that very dangerous) your belly and your whole body will be put in danger.

Search, search, and search! 

Doing Internet research bing back me many helpful tips and advices. But not overloaded with them and make my plan so complex. So that my success lies on simplicify.

My 2012 resolution will be a forwarding plan in 2011, that is keep green as much as possible.

Why I choose leafy green? Yes, in fact, I can not count down all of its health benefits.

Leafy green health benefits

 I try to involve more green to my daily diet. Devide meal into small part during day. And the most important thing, it is not what you eat, it's all about your attitude.

Why's your attitude? And what is it?

If you are not interested in doing your resolution. You just set it out for a sudden improvisation and then let it down. You will never gain your goals.

So, be patient! be consistent!

To be honest, I have to admit that, I twice or three times may break down all resolution. However, how to visualize how my effort resulted make me impatient.

The advice is do not give up yourself, even though you skip twice off your diet plan, then try to go back and keep it moving.

Think further, do not see closely.

It's time to make my favorite green recipes. Cheer kitchen! See you next  blog... (honestly, the recipes may be not the most delicious ones I've tasted, but I am satisfied for its proven outcomes)






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