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2 easy steps for juicing and juice recipes

Posted Jan 09 2012 2:00am

Juicing has become a daily regime for my husband with the battle against cancer. But I have had many ask “Is juicing important and how do you get started”. Juicing and juice recipes can be found all over the web but I wanted to give you my take on this great treat and my New Year’s resolution about juicing.

1. Why Juice and how often?
Author Linda Tremer on Why You Should Juice   states that: Fresh juice from organic fruits and vegetables contain a significant number of nutrients. A juicer extracts the fluid from the fibers of fruits and vegetables. The pulp is left behind and the liquid juice is consumed. Juicing is not drinking bottled juices.

Why juice? One reason is that the enzymes, vitamins and minerals are immediately available to your body. Whole fruits and vegetables have to go through the digestive process before the nutrients are available to your body. Your digestive process may take hours to complete.

Fruits and vegetables must supply the enzymes needed for digestion. Fresh juices don’t need to be digested and their vitamins, minerals and enzymes can all be used by your body and not wasted on the digestive process.  In other words – instant nutrition for your body!

As to HOW OFTEN you should juice is up to you. It really is according to what you want from the juicing. One of my New Year resolutions is to have a small glass of fresh juice at least once per day. I consider myself an occasional juicer but I’m really seeing the benefits to this easy trick to get your system what it needs.   I can’t describe how much energy I get after downing a small glass of fresh juice.  It gives my body a “pump up” of extra vitamins and nutrients that I may not be eating – almost like a vitamin supplement but in a form that can be absorbed and used quickly.  Now, I’m not there yet but I know it’s a matter of just making it part of my routine.  So I’m determined to start this week – 1 Juice Each Day (My hubbie is doing 13 each day on the Gerson Therapy – holy cow – I think he’s turning into a carrot!).  Others that I know juice once or twice a day and sometimes use it as a replacement of a meal or snack. Some detox for short terms with juice cleanses. So figure out what the reason for juicing is and then you can decide how often you need to juice to meet that need.  (FYI:  This is also a great way to lose extra pounds).

2. What to Juice? (here are a few recipes)
Think of juicing as getting a power packed portion of whatever you are mixing together –  Fruits, vegetables or a combination.  A basic that everyone can enjoy and that is one of the best for nutrition and taste: Carrot Apple juice.


  • - 2 medium sized organic carrots
  • - 1 small organic granny smith apple

Just wash and cut to size that will fit into your juicer.  You don’t need to peel or core any of these – the juicer will only pass the juiced portion and spit out the rest – so EASY!

The cost is about $.35 per glass - that’s cheaper than any snack I know and much, much less than prepacked drinks.  With the added benefit of being organic and healthy for you.



My favorite juice is a quick  Green Orange Juice

You can find the recipe here from a previous post.  There is no equal for a fresh squeezed orange. It’s a huge source for Vitamin C and GREAT for your kids.

So why not just use the packaged kind of orange juice?

Vitamin C is sensitive to oxygen and the concentration of vitamin C in orange juice will decrease during exposure to oxygen. This process starts immediately after making orange juice. It’s therefore recommended to drink orange juice within a few hours. Commercial orange juice, even in oxygen-tight packages have already started losing their value as soon as they were made. And then they sit on a shelf for many weeks.  It’s just not the same as fresh made.  Plus there are not unwanted sugars or additives in a fresh juice.

See how much unnatural sugar is really in your kids juice boxes Is That Really A Healthy Snack: Juice Boxes .  Even if the box states that it is 100% all juice – you are STILL not getting the benefits of the fiber and nutrition that you get from fresh juice.  It was certainly an eye-opening article for me.

This only takes a few minutes to get a fresh juice, so give it a try.  My Green Orange Juice is perfect for kids too – you can hide lots of greens in these and still not taste it at all – I promise!  Still working on my child to eat lettuce and spinach.  He now asks – where’s my greens if I forget to put them in so I know it’s working and he’s getting the healthy greens that I know is so good for him.  It’s fun with the color and gets them excited about eating something good for them.  A win-win for everyone!

Although juice is best nutritionally when it is fresh, you can store juices for those times you are not able to make a fresh batch.  These are best stored in a glass jar or container in the refrigerator or put them in an insulated coffee mug.  Just snatch it from the fridge as you head out the door.  Most juices will last up to 24 hours this way.

So go ahead – grab that juicer off the shelf and pour yourself a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables.  Have fun experimenting.  If you’re not a big fan of a particular vegetable but know it’s good for you – this is a great way to “mask” the taste and still get the nutrition.  Your body will give you a big THANK YOU today.

Do you have questions about juicing or have a great recipe that you would like to share?  Leave us a comment – we LOVE hearing from you.

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