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15 Things You Need To Know About Mangoes (Tips, Recipes, Cookbooks)

Posted Jul 09 2010 9:07pm


5 Things You Should Know About Mangoes

1. Unless you are preparing a recipe that specifically calls for green mangoes do not buy mangoes that are too hard/’green’. They will not ripen properly. Choose mangoes that yield to gentle pressure and use your nose: a ripe mango will have a very fragrant aroma and unripe mango will have none. Coloration doesn’t matter (some mangoes naturally keep a green skin), also if the flesh is relatively firm, don’t worry about a few small spots/blemishes.

2. Mango season is typically from May through September

3. Mango juice -will- stain your clothing. Protect yourself accordingly when eating/preparing :)

4. If you are unable to find sufficiently ripe/flavourful mangoes in your area, substitute peaches or nectarines. The richness of flavour is what is important in any mango recipe (especially desserts) and underripe/flavourless mangoes are not worth your time.

5. Store mangoes at room temperature and out of the sun, until ripened. The ideal storage temperature for mangoes is 55 degrees F. When stored properly a mango should have a shelf life of 1 to 2 weeks. While the mango will not ripen in the refrigerator, it can be kept chilled there once ripe.


Top 5 Mango Recipes on

1. Mango Cake (recipe)
This mango cake is very light and elegant in appearance, especially when topped with a dash of icing sugar. The batter is topped with brown sugar and butter which crystallizes to form a delicate stresuel topping and the slivers of ripe mango settles themselves throughout the batter forming succulent counterpoints of sweetness.
2. Mango Lassi (recipe)
This rich cool, slightly tart, beverage is the perfect complement to spicy, fiery cuisines and is also hearty (and healthy) enough to be a satisfying shake all on its own.
3. Raw Green Mango Chow (recipe)
Green mango chow is a wonderful accompaniment to most meals. Light and yet spicy, it adds a tart sweetness when used as a condiment.
4. Sarina’s Tropical Mango Hot Sauce (recipe)
This sauce is ideal for serving on top of grilled vegetables, meats or fish. I can also see it being great on top of quesadillas or being an unexpected alternative to ketchup on burgers and hot dogs. It’s also wonderful served on the side of other dishes as a traditional ‘hot sauce’. It’s the perfect way to add a fruity, tropical touch to everyday dining
5. Coco-Mango Smoothie (recipe)
Icy, tropical and sinfully sweet.

Want more Trini mango-related goodness? Check out my post Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes (more pics, and the words/soundclip of the popular folk song “Mangoes)

For Your Reading/Cooking Pleasure

The Great Mango Book: A Guide with Recipes

Chief among those trumpeting the mango’s contribution to contemporary cuisine, Allen Susser has set out to identify and describe more than 50 different varieties of the fruit, classifying them in part by their shapes. After educating his charges to the subtle distinctions among the fruit’s varieties, Book offers recipes for mixed drinks, entrees, and desserts featuring the fruit’s opulently juicy flesh. There are also recipes for mango chutney, one of the earliest and most familiar uses for unripe mangos.

Mangoes & Curry Leaves: Culinary Travels Through the Great Subcontinent

What is left to say about the astonishing husband-and-wife team Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid?…This wonderful coffee table book is the result of multiple trips over three decades to the Indian subcontinent…Alford and Duguid have gathered a breathtaking range of recipes…The book’s gorgeous design is filled out with the authors’ own luminous travel photos…Mangoes and Curry Leaves is so fascinating it renders one virtually speechless.

Green Mangoes and Lemon Grass: Southeast Asia’s Best Recipes from Bangkok to Bali

From roadside to restaurant, Green Mangoes and Lemon Grass presents a mouthwatering culinary tour of Southeast Asia’s most scrumptious food. Enjoy an abundance of different dishes from Southeast Asia’s rich and varied cuisine, such as Singapore’s fascinating cosmopolitan offerings, Thailand’s sinfully spicy dishes or Vietnam’s refreshingly healthy recipes.

The Mongo Mango Cookbook: And Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mangoes

Discover mouth-watering recipes that feature mangoes in salads, meat and seafood dishes, desserts, drinks, and even salsas and chutneys. An appealing blend of Asian, Mexican, Indian, and American recipes awaits! One taste and you’ll know why the mango is called the “king of fruits.”

Mango Mia: Celebrating the Tropical World of Mangoes

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