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15 reasons to drink coconut water

Posted Aug 11 2009 10:43am


I love this time of the year because when I go to Chinatown I can buy coconut water sold inside the coconut!

That’s the best part of living in a multi-cultural city, you get to explore a world of international favourites right at your doorstep.

Coconut water is as common in the tropics as Coca Cola is to the average North American and I’m sure that if you’ve been on vacation down south you must have seen people carrying around what looks like a peeled coconut with a straw inserted, enjoying a transparent liquid.

You no longer have to go on vacation to enjoy coconut water because there are plenty local grocery stores carry skinned coconuts in the fruit and vegetable section. You simply need to chop off the top, insert a straw, and enjoy!

You’ll also find canned coconut water drinks on the market and you can now find them at your local supermarket, but I personally don’t find they taste as good as the fresh ones in my opinion.

My favourite way of enjoying coconut water is to head to my local Chinatown and wait in line to buy my coconut!

For all of my readers who have never enjoyed coconut water, I asked my Assistant Editor Colleen to give us 15 reasons why we should drink coconut water more often … especially during the hot summer months!

15 reasons why we should drink coconut water (some call it cocowater!):

So what’s the deal with coconut water?

1) One cup of coconut water contains a measly 46 calories.

2) One cup of coconut water contains a surprisingly high 3 grams of dietary fibre and 2 grams of protein.

3) Coconut water is a great source of potassium, even better than a banana and more nutritious than whole milk.

4) Lots of nutrients for a very small number of calories.

5) You can get access to coconut water all year long.

6) Coconut water is 99 per cent fat free.

7) Coconut water is low in sugar.

#8) Coconut water helps to build circulation.

9) Drinking coconut water actually helps your body keep cool, which is great as the temperature goes up.

10) This is the kind of beverage that will re-hydrate your body.

11) It can help you lose weight (since it’s 99 per cent fat free and low in sugar) which will get you looking better in your favourite swimsuit or outfit.

12) Drinking this beverage can help reduce the risk of cancer.

13) This refreshing beverage contains no cholesterol (you’ve got to love that)!

14)  Don’t worry about getting sick from this drink, it’s naturally sterile.

15) Coconut water is also low in calories, less so than a glass of OJ.

Photo by Visual Stimulants by Lucy

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