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12 Tips for Saving Time in the Kitchen

Posted Mar 21 2013 11:47am

Clean Eating Magazine  offers a wealth of information, and I recommend it for anyone looking for great recipes and tips/tricks on eating clean and healthy.  It is basically everything this little bloggy wishes it could be someday!  Cue dream sequence…

So they recently published their list of ”12 Tips for Saving Time in the Kitchen” and I like the list….I think it’s practical and executable.  It also serves as a good reminder of the easy changes you can make to streamline your daily eating.  I added a bit of my own input, but here ya go:

  1. Never skip breakfast again 
    * What they’re trying to say here is have some options available each morning- have grab an go options like yogurt and oatmeal ready, have your cereal bowl waiting on the counter for you, and make your eggs and protein in advance. 12 Tips for Saving Time in the Kitchen
  2. Plan ahead – have fruits and veggies washed and ready, cook in batches and remember your freezer is your friend
    * This is a game changer….seriously. 12 Tips for Saving Time in the Kitchen
  3. Use a pressure cooker to save time on dried beans
    * I’ve never done this, but soaking garbanzo beans overnight before being able to use them is a pain, so the pressure cooker is on deck for next time.
  4. Make and store your meal in one container – i.e. blender
    * They say blender, but in reality who wants a blender sitting in their fridge?  Try a bullet style blender , they’re amazing!  You can blend quick dressings, soups, dips (like salsa and guac), smoothies, baby food, and spice mixes in smaller quantities, then lid it.  For $30 (for the model I have), you really can’t beat the price/utility ratio. 12 Tips for Saving Time in the Ktichen
  5. Make a versatile spice blend that lasts all week 
    * My idea – keep a few key spices on hand to jazz up any dish, such as sea salt and fresh ground pepper, cumin, oregano, and an all-spice of some sort (Trader Joe’s has a clean blend called the “ 21 Seasoning Salute ” that I like)
  6. Pre-wash and chop cabbage for fast side dishes
    * This is redundant, see #2
  7. Peel frozen bananas in a snap – freeze whole banana, submerge in a ziplock baggy in hot water for a few minutes and they’re ready to peel
    * Along with this, freeze a ton of fruit!  Or buy organic frozen fruit already bagged.  I love making smoothies in the morning or whipping up something quick in the evening if I have a sweet tooth.
  8. Keep quick cooking proteins on hand – shrimp, scallops, fish – they defrost much faster than chicken and beef
    * Shrimp is a personal favorite…it’s a perfect addition to stir fry, soups, salad, and pastas.  From frozen you just run it under hot water for a few minutes and you’re ready to use it. 12 Tips for Saving Time in the Kitchen
  9. Turn spare herbs into a paste for dips, dressings, marinades and more
    * How often do you have to buy a whole container of herbs just to use one sprig of mint or 2 bay leaves in a recipe?  Repurpose them!  Need ideas? Check out my Pinterest board called “ Using Herbs12 Tips for Saving Time in the Kitchen
  10. Get the right tools for the right job
    * Word…..everything from a crock pot to a cheese grater.
  11. Keep organic, sulfite free, dried fruit in your pantry for snacks and quick desserts
    * I also keep a few options at my desk at work and in my backpack for school.
  12. Shop, chop and organize once to cook all week
    * This sounds crazy, and believe me, it’s not possible EVERY weekend…but if you have an hour or two on a Sunday this little prep period will make you very happy as the week wears on.  Additionally, what excuse do you have to reach for the bag of Cheetos when there is a bag of baby carrots calling your name from the fridge?  Real food, eat it.

What tips do you have for saving time in the kitchen each week?

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