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12 Day Body Shaping Miracle Change Your Shape Transform Problem Areas and Beat Fat for Good

Posted Nov 13 2010 6:54am

12 Day Body Shaping Miracle Change Your Shape Transform Problem Areas and Beat Fat for Good

Wonder why all those hours spent on the treadmill or lifting weights aren’t getting you the results you want? According to Thurmond, if you’re not working out in a way that’s just right for your individual body type, you’re wasting time and energy. In 12-DAY BODY SHAPING MIRACLE, Michael Thurmond presents his breakthrough exercise program for getting your body into a better proportional balance. Using Thurmond’s exclusive “blueprinting system”, you’ll identify your unique metabolism and body type. You’ll then discover a personalized exercise plan to quickly target your specific problem areas and transform your body shape in just 12 days. For example, if you are bottom heavy, you learn how to trim your thighs and hips while building up your shoulders and back, giving your body that trimmer, more hourglass-like shape. Thurmond’s unique program focuses on sculpting muscles through select, easy-to-do weight training techniques with cardiovascular activity. And, no matter what your starting weight, level of fitness or shape is, Thurmond guarantees rapid results.

4 Stars Makes Sense
There is so much info in this book. Easy to “find yourself” and come up with an individualized plan that is “doable.”

4 Stars Good foundation for getting in shape
Used primarily to help me lose my weight & learn to weight train for my body type. Good pointers & diet insight specifically for different body types.

1 Star HORRIBLE!!!
This book is a complete waste of money. Nothing he suggests is new. In addition his nutritional plan is unbelievably and unnecessarily restrictive. I have worked out my entire life and have had personal trainers over the years. His nutritional plan is exactly the type of plan competitive body builders follow. After a competition, even they go on a binge because they have been on such a restrictive diet they crave everything. No one has to eat like this to get in great shape. Unless your are getting ready for a competition and need to get ripped fast, his plan is not healthy and not sustainable for the regular person. You will certainly lose the weight and fat but you will put it back on because you will become bored and crave other foods. Also, as soon as you stray a bit you are going to see the lbs pile on. Once your body gets used to eating completely clean like this, it hold on to fat. This book and his Six Week Body Makeover are “not” for life even though he has the nerve to say it is. There are much better ways to lose weight and fat and they are sustainable long term.

5 Stars 12 Days… The Catalyst to a Better Body!
I began the 12-day body shaping program on Monday August 9, 2010. I am now on day five and I have seen dramatic results. The book is pretty cut and dry, easy to follow, and if you follow it as instructed you will experience loss of inches/pounds. I have not been hungry or had any cravings at all since beginning the program, it’s been a breeze really. I’ve actually gotten tired of eating so much, go figure. Lol! Even the exercise instructions are bearable, I thought I was going to be tired and crabby, dreading my exercise time, but the “exercise two days/rest one day” routine is wonderful! My challenge was getting through the 100 ounces of water a day, but I have since worked that out, I just have one bottle with each meal/snack.

One caveat… this is something that needs to be done when you haven’t much to do, can be home a lot because it is very restrictive having to eat every two-three hours. While I believe one can find the time to do anything if they set their mind to, it would be very challenging for most people who don’t have the kind of jobs where they can stop and go eat every few hours.

My problem is with my midsection. Over the last five years I have been under a tremendous amount of stress, and as stated in the book, my belly literally looked like I was nine months pregnant! I’m not even half way through this plan, and my belly has begun shrinking. I am following the plan to the letter, changing my reaction to the going’s on around me and getting lots of rest. I measure up tomorrow and can’t wait to see how many inches have come off.

The information in this book is nothing new, we all know what to do to get the weight off, but sometimes need that extra nudge in the right direction. While I am breezing through the diet without a hitch, I can’t imagine having to eat this way for an extended period of time! I love food that tastes good, so, while I plan to incorporate the ‘nuts and bolts’ of this plan into my life, for the rest of my life, there definitely has to be some moderations. I love different kinds of marinates, herbs and spices, along with a bit of sea salt and white pepper; additionally, I’ve had a hankering for a char-broiled steak so beef will definitely be back on the menu when I’m done.

5 Stars Works shockingly well
I picked this up when it was free on Kindle, right after new year’s. I read it with a jaded eye, expecting to pick out the mistaken notions or unhealthy practices the author was advocating.

I was shocked to find that Thurmond’s advice all passes the “sniff test”; it all makes sense from a practical and medical standpoint. Eat 5-6 small meals a day — all low in fat and sugar. Cardio is two of every three days and is 45-60 minutes of low heart rate activity (walking or stationary bike). Muscle building takes 60-90 minutes depending on how you build your own plan, and is also done two of every three days.

So yeah, it’s not easy. But darned if it doesn’t work. I’ve done this 2.5 times now (quit halfway through the 3rd time due to illness) and am halfway through another round. The first time I lost 8 lb. The second time I lost 7 lb. This time, so far, I’ve lost 4.4 lb. I do take time off between 12-day stretches, so my overall weight loss at this point is right around 15 lb.

Not only do I weigh less than I have in over a decade, I’m more toned, and my posture is far better. I sit at a computer all day, and I don’t slump any longer. I’ve had far fewer migraines since I started the program back in January, and that alone has been worth it.

I’ve posted my progress on twitter and facebook, and several of my friends have bought the book as well. They have found what I warned them to be true: this plan is not easy, but if you can follow it, it works.

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