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10K and Indirect Heat Grilling

Posted Apr 05 2010 3:29am
Woke up nice and early Sunday morning to go run a 10K I had signed up for.
I love that early morning "race vibe". Always a great group of people with tons of energy.
The "vibe" did me good as I was tired from not sleeping well the night before.
It was a beautiful flat course they had laid out through a very pretty residential neigborhood.

I had only ran once or twice since my last 5K. Well to be honest...just once. The other two times I tried running on the treadmill after a workout. I can't and won't do it ;-) I mean I can't even run a quarter of a mile on that machine and I truly hate every second of it. So I just give up. It just doesn't feel natural nor right.

It's strange...I don't consider myself a body doesn't really look like one either and I'm just not very good at it (I do enjoy it though) that thought made me laugh on Sunday morning as I thought of this picture.

I'm learning that every race is different...
This race I struggled to get going. I just couldn't find a nice pace and it seemed hard to run. But then a friend of mine (24 and a former women's college soccer player) tapped me on the back as she and her (personal trainer) boyfriend passed me. We exchanged a few words and then they got going. I decided to follow. After the first mile I asked her what our time was and she said about 8 minutes. I enjoyed being outside and my stride started to get easier.
The turn came a little after 3 miles and I was feeling good. So...I left my young friends behind. I picked up my pace and with some good music, really started enjoying this part of the race. At mile 5 I thought that I had been clocking some good time AND I was still pretty fresh. So the last 3/4 mile of the race...I picked up speed. I ran as fast as my legs could go and it felt awesome. I passed tons of people and it was a thrill to run this hard this late in the race. Went through the finish line and.........54 minutes. No wonder I was still so fresh, I couldn't have ran 8 min. miles with this kind of time to show for. And, knowing how fast I was booking for the last part, it must have been 9 minute miles. It was a weird sensation...I thought I had ran a pretty fast race, but it was not so. Time to get my self a cheap watch with a stop watch function ;-)
Has that ever happend to you?

No picture, but try this for indirect heat grilling. Piece of grass fed steak (I had a rib eye). Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Coat one side with butter. Like you're buttering a piece of toast. Sprinkle butter with garlic
powder. Put on grill, butter side up over high heat. Watch closely for a minute, then transfer to indirect heat side of grill. Close the lid. After 5-7 minutes turn and close lid. Another 3 or so minutes (this depends on the heat of your grill obviously) and you're done. I also grilled a few slices of eggplant, that I chopped up and mixed in with some tehina, cucumber and tomato.


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