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1045 out of 6928. now if only I could eat as well as I run.

Posted Apr 02 2008 8:37am
... and if I ate better, I would run even better. on one hand, I love veggies, fruit, tofu, beans and nuts... I drink lots of water... I never drink soda... I never eat fast food... I take my vitamins... I try to eat organic and I do a lot of my own cooking... but it seems I sabotage all of this good with my weakness for magnolia's cupcakes, cookies and candy. it's like crack. and I am like a machine when I eat them. I love sugar and I need to love it a lot less if I want to be healthy and in top condition. If I just ate the bad things a little less, my abs might emerge a little more.

so I am going to go back to keeping my food diary and beat my sugar addiction, because if I have the discipline to work out/run/play sports every day, I have the discipline to eat healthy. impossible is nothing, right?
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