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100% Natural Cold/Flu Remedies That Really Work - Eating Healthy Nutritious Food

Posted Nov 25 2008 6:17am

At the onset of the changes I made towards , I was only 25 years old and yet my body had very little strength to fight off sicknesses. I had allergies to every known tree, weed, and plant and I seemed to get every virus that "went around".

But can you guess what happened when I got the "Junk" out of my food? I noticed that my allergies literally began to vanish as if they never were and I didn't get sick as often.

Eating healthy nutritious food made me stronger. It appears to me that this one, simple truth about our existence as humans...REAL FOOD=REAL HEALTH AND STRENGTH has been somehow lost. We've replaced healthy eating with chemical, synthetic "miracle" drugs. We plug along thru life eating garbage and cross our fingers in the hopes that we won't get sick, age prematurely, and die prematurely.

healthy lifestyle means integrating as many natural components into your life as possible.
There are several tried and true remedies for colds that I have learned to rely upon over the years, both for me and my children.

#1 - If you are one who tends to easily get colds and flu, you'll want to use a
Vitamin C supplement that will provide you with 1000 mg of vitamin C a day. It also will benefit you to use Echinacea in 2 week increments, using it 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.

#2 - SUNSHINE is a must in the wintertime. Just 10 minutes in the sunshine a day will provide you with adequate
Vitamin D . At , Dr. Mercola has good information about Vitamin D and he reports that if folks got their daily amount, naturally, then Flu Season would be a thing of the past. This is somewhat impossible for some parts of the nation where Winter is dark, long and cold. He also has suggestions and ways to deal with that problem as well.

#3 - If you do begin to feel a cold/flu coming on, I suggest you get some ZICAM from any drugstore. This is a homeopathic zinc supplement that I've experienced results with 100% of the time. It really works.

#4 - For mucus drainage and fluid in the chest, use
powder in capsule form. This is a drying agent and is great at drying up congestion and drainage.

#5 - For an illness that you just can't shake,
is not only an anti-bacterial but an anti-viral as well. This plant originated in central Europe. Since ancient times this juice extract has been used as a remedy for flu, colds, coughs, and respiratory infections. It is put into a syrup form and safe for kids and adults. There is one made by Dynamic Health that I highly recommend. See . Usually a whole-food supermarket or an herb shop or health food store carries some sort of black elderberry syrup.

#6 - Now...the next thing I am going to list here is the "heavyweight fighter" in the battle with a cold. But I will tell you now...It's not for the faint-hearted. It REALLY works. I am not kidding!It's .

You take off a clove, from the bulb of raw, whole garlic. You peel it, and chop it into the smallest pieces possible. Then you get a spoon, fill it half full. Hold your breath and open wide. As soon as you get it into your mouth, you chase it with water or juice and then I follow with a spoon of applesauce or honey as well. It takes about 3 spoons, half full, to get that clove down. But honestly, you feel better AS SOON AS you do it. It even seems to numb the throat. You'll be ASTONISHED at how quickly it worked for me.Do a quick search on the "benefits of raw garlic". You will be surprised at what you find out about it and what medicinal, anibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-viral properties it has!

And of course, I am NOT a medical proffessional. From one friend to another, I am sharing some natural options to give you a better chance of combatting a cold- without the use of toxic, chemical medicines.

However, if you feel you have a serious medical condition, you should always consult a qualified health specialist for treatment.

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