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100 Calorie Packs. How Healthy Are They?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Is seems like more and more companies are coming up with 100 calorie pack snacks every day. They are low-fat and low calorie. That means they're good for you. Right? Well maybe. Before buying you should read the ingredients. Some contain fully hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats better known as trans fats. Others will list high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids, and MSG. If you run across expeller-pressed oleic safflower oil it's a good thing. That means the oil was removed from the seed naturally, without the use of chemicals. To find a 100 calorie pack to fit your diet and nutritional requirements be sure to read the labels. I'd recommend the South Beach Diet Woven Wheat Crackers, they only have four ingredients, are low fat, have 3 grams of fiber and are delicious all for 100 calories.
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I agree with the point that the 100-calorie snack pack trend may not always lead to foods with the healthiest ingredients like tiny amounts of trans fats (and there is no acceptable level of trans fat).  However, the major plus is that they probably represent favorite snack foods you'd probably eat anyway, and eat a lot more than 100 calories worth if it were not for the 100 calorie pre-packaging.  So in that sense, they are probably healthier for you because of the portion control aspect.  And if you are calorie counting, you can't beat knowing exactly what you are getting into when you snack.  Psychologically you are eating the whole bag, but you only ate 100 calories worth!
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