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10 ways to take a culinary trip in your city this summer!

Posted Jul 15 2009 8:07pm

It seems this year we’ve waited for summer for a long time. Now that the weather is glorious, why not take the time to discover some new ways of discovering healthy eating in your city?

There are sooooooo many activities around your city that it makes perfect sense to take advantage of them to taste new recipes and dishes that you might want to reproduce at home.

Given that this recent recession has cut out the travel budget of a lot of us, why not take advantage of the next few months for a culinary trip right inside your city or by discovering a few cities in your area?

I’ve asked our Editorial Assistant Colleen to come up with a few ways to make the most of your summer!

>>> 10 ways to take a culinary trip in your city this summer!

1) Summer cultural festivals: Look for your local jazz, art festivals, musical festivals; there is an abundance of festivals that go to during the summertime and with all those activities there is bound to be a food section that you can browse through and discover new tastes!  At the local jazz festival here there is always a fresh lemonade stand where they press the juice right in front of you.

2) Street food vendors that sometimes only come out in the summer: There are plenty of vendors that are seasonal so go out and take the time to find them. During the summer months, you’ll also find quite a few food vendors selling foods from different parts of the world!

3) Enjoy ice homemade cream: Discover homemade ice cream from a different vendor or better yet, discover Italian gelato!

4) Farmers markets: There is no better way to indulge yourself in fresh local produce than farmer markets. You get to see fresh food that is grown locally and oftentimes you’ll discover something you have never heard of before or tasted. The farmers are usually very nice and friendly and will sometimes give you tips on how to cook an ingredient you’re not familiar with.

5) BBQ with a cultural theme: Sometimes restaurants open up and have summer BBQs that feature one style of international cuisine. Imagine a Portuguese BBQ at a local restaurant with the traditional piri-piri sauce??? You’ll have to search around for those types of culinary cultural theme events, but they will be rewarding.

6) Discover a new culture by discovering a new restaurant: Just walk down a street you’ve never been to before and look at what’s available. If you’ve never tried Thai food or Lebanese food, this might be the great time to discover those two healthy cuisines.

7) Host a healthy summer potluck with all your friends: You’re bound to discover something new from someone you know. People tend to get quite creative when a potluck is involved and it’s such a great a fun way to learn about new dishes that you’ve never tried before.

#8) Wine tours: I love wine tours. Some places also include good food pairings from their winery that compliments their wines. This is yet another way to familiarize yourself with different foods and to think about food in a new way.

9) Going to summer expos: I’ve been to a few myself summer expos and I have found out about new and exciting foods that I wouldn’t have otherwise engaged myself with. Sometimes there are also food demonstrations that go on which will help you learn how to cook these interesting ingredients as well.

10) Food demonstrations or drop-in sessions at schools or stores: I know that Williams Sonoma sometimes has food demonstrations to show how to not only use their tools but to learn about cooking and food. Going to a culinary class isn’t a bad option either. You could take a friend and the two of you can learn more about different ingredients together.

The bottom line is that it’s summer and it’s the perfect time to discover food in a new way to help you eat healthier all year round!

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