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10 Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

Posted Mar 08 2013 9:44pm

In a world filled with “natural” this and “wholesome” that, it can be hard to figure out just what’s actually good for your health and what’s just an attempt to sell a product. Here is a list of the ten unhealthy foods you should avoid.

1.     Soda

The unhealthiest food you can put into your body isn’t a food, it’s a soft drink. Each time you drink a can of soda; you’re packing on the pounds and setting yourself up for neurological disease.

This is because soda contains synthetic sweeteners called high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. HFCS has been clinically-proven to cause obesity and aspartame is so poisonous to the body, it has a whopping 90 symptoms associated with its toxicity!

2.     Microwave Meals

Microwavable meals may be easy and convenient but they’re very unhealthy foods. These meals are loaded with additives and preservatives that cause chronic inflammation in your body.

Trans fats, for example, increase your risk of heart disease by boosting yourLDLor “bad” cholesterol. Polysorbate 80, a common preservative used in frozen meals, has been linked to the development of gastrointestinal problems and cancerous tumors.

Not to mention the fact that eating food that comes out a microwave is terrible for your health anyway. Microwaving your food destroys its nutritional content through radiation.

3.     Low-Fat Foods

If you thought you could lose weight by eating low-fat foods, you’ve been had by the biggest weight-loss scam in American history. Low-fat cookies and snack cakes are unhealthy foods because they have no nutritional value. They’re also riddled with food dyes and synthetic sweeteners that cause chronic inflammation and immune system dysfunction.

4.     White Bread

It is estimated that 1 in every 100 people are intolerant to gluten. When gluten comes in a refined flour version such as white bread, it becomes a very unhealthy food.

White bread is just a bunch of processed flour and water mixed together that has been shaped and colored into looking like something wholesome and healthy.

These empty carbohydrates not only pack on the pounds but set you up for chronic inflammatory diseases, gastrointestinal problems, and immune system dysfunction.

5.     Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil may sound innocent enough but it’s anything but. Most vegetable oils are nothing more than genetically modified soy. This means every time you cook with it or put it on your food, you’re eating pesticides!

If the vegetable oil is not made from soy but rapeseed, you’re eating a large amount of toxicerucic acid. All vegetables oils are heavily processed, chemically-treated, and deodorized to make them palatable. You’d never touch them in their raw form.

6.     Enriched White Rice

White rice is brown rice that has been bleached and “enriched” with synthetic versions of vitamins your body can’t absorb. Skip this unhealthy food and opt for whole grain brown rice instead. It’s minimally processed and contains more gut-nourishing fiber.

  7.    Pasta

When it comes to very unhealthy foods, pasta is one of the worst even though so many of us eat it at least once a week. Plain pasta is just enriched wheat flour mixed with water molded into attractive, eye-pleasing shapes. It’s just empty calories, carbohydrates, and, in some cases, preservatives. Switch to brown rice pasta instead.

8.     Processed Cheese

Processed cheese is made from real cheese but it’s really unhealthy for you. This is because it’s loaded with emulsifiers, additives, and food coloring designed to make the manufacturing process cheaper and easier. This is why it’s so much cheaper to buy “plastic cheese” than the real thing but the real thing is much healthier for you in the long run.

9.     Canned Food

Two of the biggest risks associated with canned foods are BPA and aluminum. BPA is a powerful endocrine disruptor most commonly associated with plastics but studies have shown it shows up in canned foods as well.

Though many canned foods are stored in tin cans, the aluminum in some cans could increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Not to mention that most canned foods, especially complete meals, contain large quantities of sodium, preservatives, and food dyes that wreck havoc on your health.

10.    Fruit Juice

You may be surprised to see fruit juice on a list of unhealthy foods but it’s on here for a reason. The fruit juice you drink and serve your children is anything but healthy for you. Read the label on your favorite juice. Does it contain sugar, food dyes, and preservatives?

Even orange juice from concentrate is bad for you. Did you know it’s stripped of its natural nutrients during the pasteurization process only to have synthetic nutrients put in? Sometimes orange juice sits on a vat for a year before it reaches your grocer’s shelf!

If you suffer from any kind of autoimmune disease, chronic pain condition, or mental health problem, the unhealthy foods you eat could be more than part of the cause.

When you clean up your diet, you change your life. Become a label-reader so you can make more informed decisions about your health.

You'll be amazed at how much better you feel!

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