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10 reasons why you should eat red cabbage more often?

Posted Mar 07 2010 9:00am


Feature by our Editorial Assistant Colleen

Red cabbage makes the occasional appearance in my salads I make and it turns out that it’s better for you than green cabbage. Did you know that? I was pretty pleasantly surprised myself but I guess it’s going to take a bit more convincing to get you guys to hop on this red cabbage train.

I hope these healthy facts will help you consider adding some red cabbage in your diet.

>>> Here are 10 facts about red cabbage that may persuade you to eat more of it:

1) You actually get more vitamin C from red cabbage than you do from green cabbage.

2) You decrease your risk of getting cancer from eating red cabbage because the vegetable contains 36 different types of anthocyanins.

3) A study done by Japanese researchers discovered that the anthocyanins found in red cabbage also has the ability to help fight off metabolic syndrome (someone who has a number of medical conditions that risks getting a heart disease) symptoms.

4) Eating red cabbage can help against Alzheimer’s disease because of antioxidant polyphenols found in this veggie that helps protect brain cells from getting damaged.

5) Red cabbage is low in calories and high in fibre.

6) This veggie can help keep your eyes and skin healthier because it’s a good source of vitamin A.

7) Red cabbage is recommended for those of you with iron deficiencies because it’s a great source of iron.

#8) Believe it or not but when you juice this cabbage into a drink you can treat any fungus infections you might have because it’s rich in sulfur.

9) Eating red cabbage can help lower your serum cholesterol (if you have high-serum cholesterol you increase your risk of heart disease or heart attacks).

10) The other good thing about drinking raw red cabbage juice is that you can treat any peptic ulcers you may have. In liquid form it’s packed with an amico acid, glutamine, which is very important for maintaining a healthy stomach and small intestine.

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